03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

There Is Beauty Within You #14: Become A Secret Mystic

With the New Year let's refocus on the purpose of our blog. In short, it is for you to become a secret mystic, opening you up to a world of compassion, intimacy and bliss beyond what can be imagined.

While mysticism is traditionally associated with religion, it is not necessary to be part of a religion to become a mystic. It is a great loss to you personally for your mystical side to remain undeveloped just because you can't buy into the world view, system of values and/or explanations of any formal religion. There is a calling within all of us to go beyond the limitations of our personality, to move beyond the dimensions of space and time. We are more than personality or mind can contain and satisfy. Don't lose out on this. And if you are still a member of a religion, this blog will help you identify mystical aspects of your religion. It will help you make better sense and use of your religion's particular exercises and traditions to open you up to the mystical life.

Of course it is tough to make sense out of the myriad of activities and groups offering us some form of enlightenment or peace. And not only tough, but it can become very expensive too in terms of time, energy, and money. Let me give you a simple template to use so can begin to judge and understand how a particular group or person and their activities may or may not be of benefit in bringing you closer to personal enlightenment, freedom, and happiness.

The group, person and/or its activities are:

  • Mystical template rule #1: bringing me more consciously into the present moment.
  • Mystical template rule #2: decreasing my attachment to the idea of who I am and replacing it with a more direct experience of who I am.
  • Mystical template rule #3: modeling respect and compassion.
Seems simple enough, doesn't it? Apply this template to your various activities, relationships, and groups. Use it to help you discern what to discard and what to add, when to join and when to leave, who to embrace and who to let go. As you get the hang of this you can start to make all of your moments, activities, groups, and relationships supportive of the mutual unfolding of the mystical dimension for all involved. And there are good reasons to do this. When our mystical side is not consciously developed we become restless and anxious. Without the peace and joy of the mystical in our life we search for temporary relief; we look for distractions - something or someone to help us forget the sense of unease, unhappiness, or loneliness we feel. In general activities and people are neutral. They can be either a distraction from or supportive of the development of our mystical dimension. Here is how you can tell the difference. Our body and mind adjust to stimulation levels both inner and outer. If you are using the activity or a person to function as a distraction, then what was engaging last week becomes less engaging this week. In general an activity or person used as a distraction must be either new or the level of stimulation must increase for it or them to continue to engage our attention. For example, the mountain needs to be higher, the cliff more dangerous, or the music needs to be louder. And if you are using someone or being used in a relationship as a distraction, then don't expect it to last. You just can't compete with the attractive power of the new and different. Another common, though counter-productive and potentially dangerous strategy, is to use drugs and/or alcohol to extend or maintain an activity's or person's ability to distract us. Remember, in general activities and people are neutral - the same activity or person can be either a distraction or a support of the development of your mystical dimension. It is in how we are using the activity or relating to the person that matters. If you are using an activity not as a distraction, but instead to develop your mystical dimension then the opposite process occurs. Over time you will need less and less stimulation and intensity for the same activity to be engaging -the mountain can be the same height or lower and the cliff can be less steep. The same song can become more engaging over time, not less. And if you involved in a relationship focused on the mutual unfolding of each person's mystical dimension, then the mystery of the other and the love between you will grow deeper and more engaging over time, not less. Also, as your mystical dimension unfolds the desire for drugs and alcohol will decrease. You will want less of the physical, mental, and emotional ups and downs they bring. So become a secret mystic. You will know and live the deeper truth of your existence - you are awareness in a universe of personal, intimate, blissful compassion.

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