07/28/2010 01:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Our Song for the Global Zero Movement

We want to urge fans to see Countdown to Zero and join the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons and ratify the new START Treaty.

Directed by Lucy Walker and Produced by Academy Award Winner Lawrence Bender, the Film presents compelling stories to inspire a demand for a nuclear free world.

We wrote the song about extremism -- about the importance of finding a middle ground for the sake of humanity as a whole. We support Global Zero and want to encourage people to see Countdown to Zero because it is imperative that we come together to end nuclear proliferation.

We collaborated with Participant Media on a video of our new single, "Headed for the End of the World" off of our album "Mr. Sad Clown" that promotes both the film and the Global Zero movement.

Countdown to Zero opened in New York City and Washington DC July 23rd and will open in twenty other cities nationwide on the 30th.