04/17/2013 12:24 pm ET | Updated Jun 17, 2013

5 Best Caffeinated Drinks to Keep Yourself Awake

By Amiel Stanek, Bon Appétit

Procrastination, like Manifest Destiny and NASCAR, is an American tradition -- not our proudest one to be sure, but a tradition nonetheless. As a people, we're pros at putting things off, kicking the can down the road, waiting until the last minute to tackle that tickling problem that all of a sudden has become desperately urgent.

Since it wouldn't be an all-nighter without fuel -- be it coffee, tea, soda, or otherwise -- I offered myself up to gauge the effectiveness of a battery of caffeinated drinks, to ensure that you, dear reader, don't nod off in the middle of your 1040. Every night for the last six nights, at the point in the evening when I started feeling sleepy and bed-bound, I drank a different caffeinated beverage and considered my state of mind afterwards. Here are the results.

I'm real tired, guys.

5 Best Caffeinated Drinks to Keep Yourself Awake

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