05/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Get Off The Hate Kate (Gosselin) Bandwagon!

An awful lot of hate has been dumped on mom of eight Kate Gosselin in the past year-- but she's really no diva!

Kate is a hardworking mother who now has to support eight kids by dancing! Would you really want to be in Kate's high heels right now? I can guarantee you that Kate Gosselin wakes up exhausted and in a cold sweat every day. If you had eight young children under the age of nine -- six of them sextuplets! -- no husband, an expensive lifestyle and bodyguard to support (and you were dependent for your income on the ephemeral world of TV) you'd be having anxiety attacks, too!

Sure, Kate seemingly had it made back when she had a steady and healthy income from her TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8. But that was before her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin blew up that dependable arrangement by refusing to allow their children on TV anymore. Their divorce left Kate with a big house, divorce lawyers' fees, no child support from Jon and no more weekly TV paychecks. Just what exactly was she supposed to do? Go back to her original career, nursing? The median income for nurses in 2009 was $64, 000. Any single mom would have a hard time getting by on that with two kids! Plus, as Kate has pointed out, she'd be dealing with 12-hour shifts.

Kate herself told People magazine: "I can not rely on the fact that Jon will be there to support the kids, so I approach it as if I'm the sole provider."

That is not an easy place to be in life! Especially now in this recessionary world.

And listen Kate haters -- I can assure you that she's not BS-ing about Jon's utter irresponsibility. As someone who follows the goings-on of the Gosselin household, I can tell you Jon hasn't been photographed with his kids at all since Feb. 28. He's MIA. Meanwhile, Kate's taken on the assignment of Dancing With The Stars, reportedly for a minimum of $125,000 -- which is not a TON of money for someone who CAN'T downsize her lifestyle, at this point. She has to have a nanny (two in fact, because of her DWTS travel) and she HAS to keep up appearances or she'll never get her next gig. She can't look desperate!