06/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama: Dump Joe Biden, Your Vice President of Panic, Right Now!

Hooray for the New York Post, which wrote an open letter to our Vice President of Panic Joe Biden on page five of the paper this morning.

On behalf of the straphangers of NYC, they told him off for his wildly clueless remarks warning American citizens to stay off of public transportation--trains, planes, and subways. "I would not at this point--if they had another way of transportation--suggesting they ride the subway," he said referring to the advice he'd give his own family members now.

Thanks Joe for joining in the swine flu hysteria. How nice that you and your family have the luxury of riding in the protective bubbles of Air Force Two and the Vice Presidential motorcade. Most of us average folks are stuck with regular modes of transport to get to work--yes those public buses, subways, trains and planes.

Exactly what were you saying when you told us that you wouldn't go anywhere near confined spaces right now? That New Yorkers and other residents of urban areas mostly served by public transportation should stay home and grind our economy to a halt because there have been 100 cases of mostly mild flu throughout the country?

As VP, can I remind you that you're supposed to be a grownup, a leader? You're supposed to calm citizen's fears, put crises like potential pandemics in perspective, not imply that people should hide in their homes, with medical masks on, preferably under their beds.

What kind of wussy are you--just one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Not one that I, and I bet 8 million New Yorkers, feel the least bit safe with now. Come on, Joe, where's your inner Churchill, inspiring us to hang tough in our darkest hour?

One of the reasons John McCain lost the election was because Americans felt his VP pick, Sarah Palin, was so ill qualified to be president. They couldn't elect him for fear of what might happen if she by chance had to step into his shoes.

If I were Obama, I'd sack you ASAP for those irresponsible comments spreading "a culture of fear," as one New York commuter, Brian Zwolinski. Besides, if Joe Biden is saying he's afraid--he is afraid.

What's going to happen when there's a true national emergency--a future repeat of 9/11 or, speaking of swine, what if there were--horror of horrors--a future nuclear Bay of Pigs standoff? Is Biden going to be quivering in his shoes as he runs this time for a confined space--the White House bunker?

President Obama--the writing is on the wall. You need a VP with unflappable courage by your side. Dump Biden right now. And I can tell you where to look for a new candidate--in the New York City subway. Any one of those straphangers fearlessly riding underground despite the fact that they might contract the new flu, has more backbone than Biden!

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