08/08/2011 09:41 pm ET | Updated Oct 08, 2011

Sarah Palin Can't Be President When She Can't Even Make Peace With Her In-Laws

Sarah Palin may think she has what it takes to be President, but shouldn't she prove she has what it takes by at least negotiating peace in her war with daughter Bristol's baby daddy Levi Johnston and his sister Mercede Johnston?

She really needs to bury the hatchet with her "in-laws" from Wasilla for the sake of her own reputation and especially for the sake of her grandson, Tripp. Otherwise, we'll continue to wonder how she'll ever negotiate with a foreign enemy let alone Congress at home. Levi's sister Mercede is as tough as any enemy speaking out in a big and vicious way in an interview in the September issue of Playboy. Among the many things she is happy to say are these tidbits.

"I think she'd (Sarah) have had a mental breakdown if she was elected (president). As governor she quit on us. What does that say about her? Is she prepared to govern the whole country? Absolutely not. She can't even answer Katie Couric's questions."

On Sarah's mothering abilities! "She's never there for her kids. She doesn't make her children go to school. She'd rather parade them around and put on a show at book signings or conventions."

She is furious about Sarah's treatment of her brother Levi, who is the father of Sarah's grandson, Tripp. "Not once did Sarah contact us and say, 'Is this okay?'", about her decision to take Levi into the spotlight, when she became John McCain's running mate in 2008.

After all -- Levi was only 18 at the time and hardly able to stand up to the powerful Governor of Alaska. "She literally took Levi from a hunting trip and flew him to the Republican Convention. He didn't have a choice. I don't blame John McCain -- this is all Sarah Palin. She didn't have to announce on stage that Bristol was pregnant. She doesn't care, as long as she's going to the top. But it's screwed my whole family up. Levi was a prop, and once they didn't need him, he was out the door."

No matter what your political persuasion you have to admit that Mercede's accusations have a ring of truth when it comes to the Palin treatment of her brother.

He went from being the convenient fiancé, shaking hands with John McCain and seated front and center at the Republican convention, to the family's outspoken outcast, by the time baby Tripp was born.