11/22/2010 04:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Is Using Her New TV Show to Prove She's Tough Enough to Beat Obama

We've been warned: Sarah Palin's Alaska is one long commercial showcasing that she's no "we wee" like the current President.

Palin opponents of all parties: Sarah IS smarter than you. She has a prime TV realty show that's effectively demonstrating that she's tough enough to face down Al-Qaeda terrorists, Russkies and North Korea nukesters. Not that it really shows that but Episode 2 of Sarah Palin's Alaska, is concted to highlight Mama Grizzly's take no prisoners approach to wildlife, weather, hard blue collar work, Levi Johnston and the tabloid press.

She did this by stepping up without hesitation to bash big halibut fish between the eyes with a baseball bat to subdue the beasts, after they were caught in the cold Alaska waters. Then Sarah literally got her gloved hands dirty, working on a fish factory "slime line," pulling the innards out of the halibut and packing them with ice.

Man up men! Could you keep up with "Slime Line Sarah" who even refused liners in her gloves, to keep her fish-gutting hands warm? "I'm tough," she announced. In case you didn't get her point, she also loudly exclaimed that she loves the "smell of raw fish," while daughter Bristol wrinkled her nose.

By the way, the halibut fishing expedition and "slime line" work was a mother/daughter bonding trip for Sarah and Bristol. "That's what we do in Alaska," Sarah announced about the girlie get together. No mani/pedis in Alaska. After all, it's the state that makes Liberals "wee-wee," Sarah implies. The former governor reveals that she held one of her baby showers at a shooting range: "I like to mention that because it gets the Liberals all we-we-ed up," she declared. She also pointed out that the Alaskan version of spray tanning is getting your work gear hosed down after toiling in a blue collar job on the fish "slime line!"

For all the traditional politicos who don't get it, Sarah Palin is smartly using her reality show as a kickoff to her 2012 presidential campaign. And if you're a wussy, or just someone who has crossed Palin, then get out of town.