05/18/2010 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Seven Year-Olds Dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Aren't Oversexed!

These girls aren't 17 and they aren't Miley Cyrus -- it's time to simmer down over 7 year-olds kicking up their heels!

I understand that it's a little surprising to see little girls mimic the moves of grown up pop stars. But just because they are gyrating it doesn't mean that it's not innocent. It is innocent.

These girls are serious about their dancing and they are talented and hardworking. That's the only way they could have put on this performance at The World of Dance Competition in Pomona, CA on April 10.

Please remember that dirty thoughts belong to dirty minds. In other words -- these are 7 year-olds and they didn't think they were sexing it up. They were thinking about being fabulous dancers, and so were their teachers.

It's quite a different situation from Miley and her new "Can't Be Tamed" , and lap dancing videos. Miley at 17, is well aware of her sexuality. She and her team know she's mobilizing her sex appeal to leverage new album sales. She's totally on a campaign to transform her image from Hannah Montana to hot all grown up and busting out pop and film star. She's deliberately rolling around on the grass, breasts half out of a $25,000 corset. She's also a young woman at a highly sexualized time of life. All 17 year-olds are horny and either hooking up or debating hooking up with the boyfriends in their lives.

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