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July 5, 2015

New Book Explores The Prickly History Of Tattooing In America

Tattoo 1
Tattoo Archive, Winston, Salem, NC

Mark Twain Gave Good Advice About The Dangers Of Good Advice

Mark Twain

Leonardo Da Vinci's Personal Writings Show Us How A Genius Thinks

Leonardo Da Vinci Codex

15 Books That Should Be On Every Teen's Radar This Summer

Book Shelf
Getty Images/Blend Images

Etgar Keret Examines Life And Death In Israel Through The Eyes Of A New Father

Etgar Keret

Artists And Writers Around The Country Pledge Support For Gay Marriage

I Asked A Linguist To Analyze OKCupid. This Is What She Found.

Speech Bubble
Getty Images

This Comic Book Is The Geeky, Feminist Answer To Bad Dating Advice


Take It Off! The Fine Art Of Getting Naked In A Clothed World

AFP via Getty Images

Move Over, Kim K: This New Book Of Selfies Lets Women Reclaim Their Power

Petra Collins
Petra Collins

7 Book Franchises We Really Need To Say Goodbye To

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Nancy Drew Used To Be Way More Ballsy Than The Girl Sleuth You Know

Nancy Drew Cover

13 Children's Book Authors Who Should Try Writing Fiction For Adults Too


How To Read A Bad Book By A Great Author: The Problem With Milan Kundera's Latest Novel

Book Reading
Julia S/500px

This New Book Captures The Struggles And Joys Of The Immigrant Experience

In The Country

New Font Shows Readers What Dyslexia Feels Like

Dyslexia Font
Daniel Britton

Books That Will Brighten a Father's Day

Dad And Child Reading
ED JONES via Getty Images

Waterproof Classic Books Are The Perfect Beach (And Bath!) Reads

The Heartbreaking Dynamics Of Sexual Abuse, Explored Through Literature


By Erika Johansen

Original 'Madeline' Paintings Show 12 Little Girls In Two Straight Lines

Madeline 3
Ludwig Bemelmans via Sotheby's


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Single Father Photographs The Complexities Of Raising A Daughter With Disabilities


That Time Henri Matisse Illustrated 'Ulysses'

Henri Matisse
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

The Classic Book You Should Finally Read This Summer


Defending Liberal Education In a Technology Driven World

Father Son
Hero Images

What Would Robot Poetry Look Like?

'Possessing The Lily' And Other Sexual Euphemisms You Never Knew You Needed

Romance Novel
HuffPost Comedy

7 Classic Feminist YA Books Everyone Should Read

Jules Feiffer Never Loved His Illustrations For 'The Phantom Tollbooth'

Phantom Tollbooth 1
©2015 Jules Feiffer

For One Year, This Publisher Will Only Release Books By Women


10 Books To Read Before You See The Movies This Summer

Paper Towns

3 Questionable Pieces Of Dating Advice From Aziz Ansari's 'Modern Romance'

Modern Romance
Penguin Press

This Summer Travel Read Is A Thrilling Emotional Journey


32 Enthralling Summer Reading Books For Kids Of All Ages

Summer Reading
Linda Yolanda via Getty Images

How To Make Ernest Hemingway's Favorite Cocktail

Hemingway Daiquiri
The Huffington Post

Joyce Carol Oates Trolls The Entire Internet

Joyce Carol Oates
AFP via Getty Images

30 Books To Read Before You Turn 30


'Future Library' Reminds Us How Connected Books And The Environment Really Are

© Giorgia Polizzi/Comm. by Bjorvika Utvikling

Breaking: Teens Are Not Killing The English Language