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July 24, 2016

‘The Goldfinch’ Movie Looks Like It’ll Be As Dreamy As The Book Itself

Little, Brown

Happy Birthday To Ernest Hemingway, With Love From His Many-Toed Cats

At Home Portrait Domestic Cat
Clifford Coffin via Getty Images

Book Lover Turns Boring Steps Into A Stairway To Literary Heaven

Pippa Branham

Kirsten Dunst Will Direct Dakota Fanning In 'The Bell Jar’ Adaptation

Getty Images

Librarian Hopes To Educate Voters At RNC By Handing Out Free Books

Easy Retouch Horizontal Indoors Night Front View H
Tara Moore via Getty Images

Julianne Moore Dishes About Her Latest Children's Book And Parenting

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

4 Ways Fiction Makes You A Better Human

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

'The Girl On The Train' Is One Of The Year's Buzziest Movies

Girl On The Train
Universal Pictures

Virginia Woolf's Sister Steps Out Of Her Shadow And Into The Spotlight

Vanessa Bell
Vanessa Bell

How Did ‘Power Couple’ Become The New Standard For Success?

Power Couple

Gay Talese Promotes New Book He Promised Not To Promote On 'Late Night'

2010s 20152016 Air Date 07142016 Color Color Image Episodic Horizontal Indoor Late Night Nbcu Photo Bank Nup_174432 Season 3 Select Talk Show Two People
NBC via Getty Images

Saddam Hussein's Novella Is Coming To Bookstores Near You, Maybe

Koichi Kamoshida via Getty Images

Rare Beatrix Potter Illustrations Are Just Too Adorbs For This World

Athena Image
Beatrix Potter

Tiny Stories About The Vast Universe Will Fill Your Heart With Wonder

Tin House Books

Required Reading Classic Gets The Graphic Novel Reboot It Deserves

Jacques Ferrandez

Why This Author Says ‘The Bachelor’ Is Ruining Your Relationships


Read These 23 Books And Authors When The Injustice Is Overwhelming

See full credits below

Elie Wiesel's Profoundly Beautiful Wish For The World

Elie Wiesel Super Soul Sunday Oprah Own
George Burns/OWN

This Novel About Heroin Addiction Takes Readers Inside The Cycle

Emily Books/Coffee House Press

Poet Aja Monet Confronts Police Brutality In Stunning Spoken Word Performance


Why You Should Skip The 'Beach Reads' On Vacation This Summer

Athena Image
Ioannis Tsotras 2014

It's Time To Embrace The Singular ‘They,’ A Humanistic Pronoun

Athena Image
michaklootwijk via Getty Images

Why Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Didn't Want To 'Perform Pregnancy'

Athena Image
Janette Pellegrini via Getty Images

Intimate Photos Explain Why A Woman's Hair Is So Expressive

Tara Bogart

The Unsolved Mystery Of A Missing Girl, Told In Touching Photos

Virginie Rebetez

Welcome To The Library Hiding In A Garden Hiding In New York City

Athena Image
New York Botanical Garden


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