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June 3, 2015

Historian And Author Of 'The Pacific' Dies

Hugh Ambrose
Hugh Ambrose

Poet Confronts Police Brutality Against Black Women

Aja Monet
Aja Monet

Jews Who Left The Ultra-Orthodox World Find Support In One Another (NEW BOOK)

Shulem Deen/Pearl Gabel

The Top 10 Misused Words Of The 1870s

Websters Dictionary

The Strange And Seductive Rituals Of Worry (NEW BOOK)

Why 'Millennial' Is A 'Garbage Phrase'

Alex Edelman
Alex Edelman

A Brilliant, Star-Studded Novel To Add To Your Book Club List

Sophie Stark
Blue Rider Press

Missed 'Game Of Thrones'? Art Museum Uses Medieval Paintings In Hilarious Recaps

Getty Museum
Courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program

5 Strange Realities Of Being A Modern Woman, Illustrated (NEW BOOK)

Mood Ring
From The Worrier's Guide To Life, © 2015 by Gemma

Is This What Shakespeare Actually Looked Like?

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

21 Books From The Last 5 Years That Every Woman Should Read

Books Every Woman

Here's Why Famous Authors Chose Their Fake Names

11 Fun And Fabulous Children's Books From Around The World

Kids Books
Laurence King Publishing

'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison's New Book Is The Best Terrible Guilty Pleasure Read

Chris Harrison Bachelor
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images/Dey Street

How To Write A Holocaust Novel: A Conversation With Jim Shepard

Book Of Aron

The Secret History Of The Bookaneers

Last Bookaneer
Matthew Pearl

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet Franz Wright Dead At 62

Franz Wright

6 Curious Things About Emily Dickinson, America's Favorite Recluse Poet

These Commencement Speeches Will Inspire You No Matter Your Age

Graduation Hat
Shutterstock / Frannyanne

Meet The Feminist Writer You Need On Your Bookshelf

Is There A Case For Growing Up?

Vintage Child Bath
Three Lions via Getty Images


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How One Music Critic Is Changing The Future For Women Writers

Jessica Hopper
Courtesy of Jessica Hopper

Is Poetry Dead? Not Even Close.

Jun Pang/500px

Holy Buckets, Batman: It's Poetry For Comic Book Fans!

Ink Brick
Ink Brick

7 Moving, Must-Read Memoirs Coming Out In 2015

Ecco / HuffPost

6 Books Every Introvert Should Read

Here's How You Write A Short Story On Twitter

10 Science Fiction Writers Predict What The Next 10 Years Will Bring

This Calligraphy Wizard Can Recreate Any Font With His Pen


5 Must-Read Books From Around The World

Yuli Aquino/500px

'Basic' Has Been Added To The Dictionary

10 Hilarious Reminders That Fake News Is The Best News (NEW BOOK)

Jon Stewart
Victoria Will/Invision/AP

By A. Brad Schwartz

The Big Problem With The How We Talk About Sex And Gender

Maggie Nelson

Mindy Kaling Announces Release Date For Second Book

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling

Here's What The Insides Of Sketchbooks Look Like Around The World


Write Like A Genius With Albert Einstein's Handwriting Font

Einstein Font

Why The American Notion Of "Being True To Yourself" Is A Sham

13 Beautifully Unusual Libraries From Around The World

BC architects

An Easy Résumé Trick That Will Get You Hired, According To Designers