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May 4, 2016

How Feminism Became 'Trendy' (And Why We Should Care)

Getty Images

New Gay Superhero Novel Inspires Teens To Realize Their 'Superpower'

Draw The Line
Laurent Linn

These Bedtime Stories Trade Princesses For Women Who Changed The World

Athena Image
Courtesy of Timbuktu Labs

Did Walt Whitman Really Promote A 'Paleo' Diet? Not Quite.

Athena Image
NARA/Photo Researchers via Getty Images

Mental Health Struggles Feel Realer Than Real In This Touching Novel

Imagine Me Gone
Little, Brown/HPMG

A 'Game Of Thrones' Plot Hole Just Got Even Worse

Sand Snakes

James Arthur Ray, Disgraced Self-Help Guru, Still Hopes To 'Enlighten Us'

James Ray
Tribeca Film Festival

Jeffery Self Breaks Into The Young Adult Literary World With 'Drag Teen'

Jeffrey Self
Jean Francois Campos

Your Brief And Far-Out Guide To Afrofuturism


Jon Snow's Blood Pattern Might Be A Big 'Game Of Thrones' Clue

Jon Snow

400 Times William Shakespeare Totally Blew Our Minds


All-Female Theater Troupe Tackles Gender Issues In Shakespeare's Plays

Athena Image
Chris Costello via Getty Images

Warning: This Activity Book May Give You A Biebergasm

Athena Image
Dress Justin by Elena Eper

Lego Marks Anniversary Of Shakespeare's Death In Typically Awesome Way


'Reader, I Married Him': The Unfeminist Reason We Love Charlotte Brontë

Athena Image
ullstein bild via Getty Images

Anyone Can Be A Shakespearean Player At This Inclusive Sonnet Slam

Sonnet Slam

The First Trailer For 'The Girl On The Train' Is Here

Girl On The Train

Meet The Journalist Who Befriended A Shy Hemingway In 'Papa' Clip

Yari Film Group

The Fictional Book Characters Who Sparked Our Sexual Awakenings

Priscilla Frank

Wear Your Heart All Over Your Sleeve Thanks To This Custom Literary Swag


Library Attendance Is Declining. Here’s Why

Athena Image
Oliver Strewe via Getty Images

Dramatic Novel Scenes Built Entirely Out Of Legos, Because Why Not?


Author Beverly Cleary, Who Taught Us Everything About Sisters, Turns 100

Beverly Cleary 100
Harper Collins

7 Gorgeous New Libraries Show Us The Future Of Book-Lending

American Institute Of Architects
American Institute of Architects

11 Times Beverly Cleary Totally Got Your Childhood

Athena Image
sarahwolfephotography via Getty Images


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