Studio Gourmet: Matthew Accarrino From SPQR Talks Trout-Smoking

11/07/2011 01:03 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Matthew Accarrino from SPQR on Fillmore prepares a squid ink arancini, sea urchin filling, seaweed cocoa pasta, rabbit, black olive and goat cheese as well as a smoked trout.

The culinary world in the past 10 years has been transformed from just a profession in the kitchen into a movement where the individuals involved have been able to reach Rock Star Status! With the help of the Food Channel, the Slow food movement, the visionaries and mad scientists, food is no longer food it is considered an Art form! The reason why Studio Gourmet was created was to give our audiences the opportunity to hear the real stories behind the Chefs! Each Chef has a personal style, a flavor and a way that they create the food that they do. The reasons behind this is what we want to all hear about. Today, when a Chef plates a dish they do so, because they feel it is the perfect set of ingredients to go together on that plate. However, you can ask 10 Chefs to create the same dish with the same ingredients and every single dish will taste and look different. The reasons for this is that there are so many variables that go into making the dish such as where they are from, there background, their history, the influences in their lives, their personal tastes, etc. Each Chef has a story to tell and Studio Gourmet gives our guests the opportunity to hear it!