Game Changer: Send Bush 41 and Clinton For Middle East Diplomacy

02/13/2007 04:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today The Hill, which is widely read by Senators and Members of the House,
published an Op Ed I wrote calling for a bold diplomatic initiative in the Middle East.

My proposal is twofold. First to send the
two former Presidents on an extraordinary
diplomatic mission to create an arc of
diplomacy and hope to counter the arc
of escalating war. Second to begin a
New Deal magnitude program to promote
alternative energy programs and to hold
a Davos like summit bringing together
business, investment and political leaders
to this end.

It is time to end our oil drenched economy,
politics and security policy and to begin a
diplomacy that will make America again
the leader of the free world. For the full
text please go to The Hill newspaper site.