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Brett Baker

Brett Baker


Top Ten Best Painting Posts in January on Painter's Table

Posted: 02/ 3/11 10:12 PM ET

Snowbound January days, it seems, were good for painting, reading, and blogging, at least if the painting blogosphere is an indicator. Painters' Table features posts from artist bloggers alongside more mainstream arts media to create a unique mix of painting coverage from across the web. What was popular in the painting blogosphere in January? Read on...

"Battle of the Brush" - via James Wagner
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Patricia Treib, Armless Sleeve, 2010, oil on canvas, 66 x 50", image: Golden Gallery

James Wagner visits a novel exhibition of painting, "Battle of the Brush" in Bryant Park, NYC. The show Battle of the Brush: A Civil Reenactment of Two Painterly States, organized by Alex Glauber's Corporate Art Solutions, pits "abstract" painters vs. "realist" painters in a tongue-in-cheek mock battle. Wagner remarks that the show is "one of the most creative art shows of the year... The work is on view in closed, retrofitted and climate-controlled vitrines (actually, two of the booths which had recently housed The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park). Visitors will be able to see the art, en plein-air, until February 2."

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