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Brett Baker

Brett Baker


Painter's Table: Top 10 Best Posts, March 2011

Posted: 04/ 8/11 02:17 AM ET

March 2011 featured many wonderful painting blog posts on diverse topics ranging from hard-edged abstraction to the Danish Golden age of figure painting and by a mix of established art writers and artist bloggers. Sadly, March also saw the passing of Gabriel Laderman, in my mind one of the most important painters of the last 50 years. Laderman's life and work were celebrated on-line several places most notably by Jed Perl and by painter Larry Groff on his blog Painting Perceptions.

Our top ten posts from March are displayed below, and you can find more everyday on - the magazine of the painting blogosphere.

Gabriel Laderman 1929-2011
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Gabriel Laderman, View of Florence, 1962-63

Larry Groff publishes a tribute to painter Gabriel Laderman (1929-2011). Groff writes "Laderman was a significant representational painter and teacher and was instrumental in the revival of figurative art in the 1960s. He studied with a number of leading American painters, including Hans Hofmann, de Kooning, and Rothko." The post includes images of Laderman's landscape, figure, and still life paintings as well as excerpts from articles by Jed Perl and Lincoln Perry.

Read the full post on Painting Perceptions

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