03/28/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cold and Quiet

After a few mild days it seems we are getting back to freezing again this week - not yet as deep as before but still time to bundle up. And we will be below freezing for at least the next ten days.

I had a delightful lunch on this otherwise quiet day with our newest Board member, Henry Fogel. The post- lunch picture above is not a reflection of the lunch I hasten to say - just of the smooth contours of Anish Kapoor's sculpture positioned on top of the Park Grill. And below you can see the extraordinary underbelly of this greatly loved bean!


Henry, after a long and distinguished term as President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, is now Dean of the Chicago College of the Performing Arts. And unsurprisingly a tremendous boost to that institution he is already proving to be. Clearly he is going to be something of an inspiration to COT as well. He is a passionate opera lover, and it is so good to have on the COT board a professional from another part of the musical world as an authoritative advocate for our work.