04/30/2013 03:50 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2013

Spray Paint Your Table Fan

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You probably don't think of your table fan as a goldmine of design pizzazz, but that doesn't mean there isn't potential for greatness! In just a few minutes, you can unlock the fashionable side of this functional item. Take your fan to the next level with this easy DIY project!

You'll need: red, blue and yellow spray paint, three large Ziploc bags, rubber bands and a roll of painters tape.


1. Unplug your fan and take apart the grill and blades so that they're fully separated from the body of the fan. If things are looking a little grungy, clean any dust or debris.

2. Wrap painters tape around the circular centerpiece, making sure it's thoroughly covered. You'll want this piece of the fan to stay white for contrast.

3. Grab your fan blades. Wrap two blades in separate Ziploc bags and secure each of them with a rubber band. Be sure the backs of each blade are fully covered, too. This will ensure that each blade only gets one color!

3. Spray paint the exposed fan blade one color (we started with blue). Make sure it gets an even coat and give the blade time to fully dry. For some spray painting tips, read: Spray Paint Like a Pro.

4. Remove a Ziploc bag from one of the unpainted blades. Then, cover the fan blade you just painted with your third Ziploc bag, securing it with a rubber band.

5. Spray the exposed, unpainted fan blade with your second color (yellow or red) and let it dry before removing the Ziploc bag from the final blade.

6. Cover the second painted blade again with a bag and rubber band. Then spray paint the last fan blade. Note: If your fan has more than three blades, just keep going!

7. Give your new fan blades a full day to dry and then reassemble your fan. Plug it in, turn it on and be proud of your craftiness!

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