BGG Weekender: We're Free, Let's Party! (PHOTOS)

07/03/2013 05:21 pm ET | Updated Sep 02, 2013

What do you's already the weekend! Or at least, nearly. While we sometimes wish we were still a colony belonging to England (those accents make men so much hotter, no?), we're forever grateful for the freedom that independence has afforded us. Especially when that freedom presents itself as two extra days off from work.

You probably have loads of plans this weekend, especially tomorrow, but we're here to fill in the gaps. Included in this long weekender are tons of special happy hours, a burlesque tribute to Weird Al Yankovic (really!), super cheap paddleboard lessons, a ballet performance under the stars, and more.

Oh, and since it's the beginning of the month, we assume some of you might want to spend this long weekend apartment-hunting. Might we suggest you use RadPad? It's a photo-based rental iPhone app--think Craigslist meets Instagram. No more scrolling through Westside Rentals' antiquated interface! Plus, as you drive around town looking for your next home, the app will automatically update with nearby listings in real time!

And now, keep reading to get your long, 4th of July weekender....

Before we get started with Thursday's festivities, we'd like to alert you to the fact that you can get Littlefork's Lobster Roll at a discount, pre-packaged with house-made chips, for Thursday if you order it today (Wednesday) by 5 p.m. It must then be picked up between 10 a.m. and noon on the 4th.

Moving along...if you plan to be out west for the day, get there early to enjoy the Santa Monica parade starting at 9:30 a.m. Otherwise, Tortilla Republic's got a special brunch menu all weekend, so you might want to hit it up Thursday AM to get a nice base (consisting of fresh corn and blueberry pancakes) going. After, if you're not headed out to one of LA's many beaches, you might want to enjoy specials at Rock & Reilly's, Tony's Darts Away, Napa Valley Grille, Mohawk Bend, or any of these festive establishments. Or, head to Drai's for a daytime party starting at noon, Echo Park for the David Mayfield parade starting at 2 p.m., or downtown for Grand Park's 4th of July block party starting at 3:30 p.m.

If you don't feel like doing any of this because you have super fun plans and amazing parties to attend, just remember to cook up one or more of these summer dishes, and you will certainly be the most popular girl at the party.

Those of you with a conscience should head to Venice around 10 a.m. for a little post-party beach clean-up. Otherwise, you might want to enjoy a special recovery breakfast at Mohawk Bend.

Later, check out Caulfield's new happy hour menu, which includes $6 drink specials and $7 gourmet finger foods, between 4 and 7 p.m. Then, get downtown for a burlesque tribute to "Weird Al" Yankovic -- seriously!

After, get in a little thrill at Cinefamily via a midnight screening of Possession.

To celebrate the long weekend, treat yourself to some discounted spa services at Blossom Spa via this Gilt City deal. Or, head to the beach for paddleboard lessons (quit talking about wanting to do it and just do it!).

After, celebrate National Fried Chicken Day. Seriously. We suggest brunch at Roscoe's or Bru's Wiffle, or lunch at Plan Check (their fried chicken is insane!).

Later, join a Watson Adventures' scavenger hunt at the Santa Monica Pier starting at 6 p.m. Or, catch a free performance by the Los Angeles Ballet at Grand Park.

You could also, if you so choose, travel to the Long Beach Funk Fest or The Hootenanny featuring Social Distortion and others at Oak Canyon Ranch.

It might be time to start your detox, and if so, there's always $10 yoga at the L'Ermitage rooftop at your disposal. Or, opt instead to join City Race, a scavenger hunt of sorts which will take you all over West Hollywood.

If you have a little extra money in the coffers, however, we suggest you instead get to The Greek for a performance by LL Cool J with Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and De La Soul. Other concert options include: the Old 97's at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach; the Grand Ole Echo Country Music and Sunday BBQ at The Echo; John C. Reilly,Tom Brosseau, and Leslie Stevens at Golden West Church; the Vamps Live 2013 at LA Live!; and/or IHC Sunday with Loudpvck, Lil Texas, Brrang-a-Dang, and Suspect.

4th Of July Weekend Guide