05/22/2015 05:25 pm ET | Updated May 22, 2016

5 Summer 'Mocktails' Perfect For Pregnant Women

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the buzz of summer is all around us. The season of BBQs, pool parties and fabulous cocktails is upon us. EXCEPT if you are pregnant. No cold beer on a hot night. No pitchers of margaritas while dining al fresco. No pina coladas on your beach vacation. Want to know how to spot a pregnant woman at a summer party? We're the sweating ones staring longingly at the ice cold beers while violently adjusting the bathing suit top that just can hold up our ever-growing pregnancy boobs. Fear not, pregnant women. While booze may be out of the question, there are a plethora of fancy "mocktails" that are fabulous enough to make you forget about all of your pregnancy woes. A "mocktail" to perfectly complement various pregnancy situations.


Via Babble

Frost Bite: Perfect for those days where you are sweating in places that you didn't even know existed. Remember the days of regular 'ole boob sweat? Well try DDD milk-producing boob sweat. Not hot. Well, actually it IS hot, really hot, temperature wise... whatever. You get the point, this drink will cool you down.


Sparkling Cucumber Limeade: For those days when you have no idea why the hell they call it "morning" sickness. And why does everyone insist that it only lasts the first trimester? Try all day/all night/all pregnancy. Perfect to settle the "what is up with my stomach for 9 months?!" feeling.


Virgin Bloody Mary: Headache, blood shot eyes, just not feeling "quite right." You could be hungover or you could just be recovering from another long night of pregnancy insomnia. The traditional drink to cure hangovers is also perfect for those mornings that your over sized belly and pregnant mind racing kept you from sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time.


Watermelon Breeze: This is the perfectly pretty summer drink. A beautiful drink because pregnancy is beautiful, right? Sure, except when it's not. Like after discussing things like mucus plugs with your doctor or plucking a hair from your chin. Guzzle this mocktail when you need something, anything to make you feel girly and pretty.


Via Imbibe

Green Tea "Mojito": It is no secret that pregnant women need to eat healthy. Apparently lime flavored Skittles and mint chocolate chip ice cream aren't the "greens" they are talking about. This is the perfect light mocktail for when your pregnancy craving has led you right past the produce section into the bulk candy aisle.

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