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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Should Return Illicit Donation

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On October 14, Armenian gangsters were indicted by federal grand juries for allegedly perpetrating the largest fraud in Medicaid's 45-year history, a sophisticated variation of the 1963 Great Train Robbery in England. The initial estimated United States government loss exceeds $163 million. The federal indictments coincided with a report in Politico that Pogos Satamyan of Glendale, California, a gang ringleader, recently donated $10,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a political appendage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Was the campaign contribution made to reward Speaker Pelosi for echoing the extremist views of the Armenian National Committee of America, assailed as "noxious" by The Washington Post? As of this writing, the DCCC has been silent as the Sphinx. It has not returned the donation to the Medicaid Program or its underprivileged beneficiaries. The DCCC should do so with alacrity. Campaigns fueled with illicitly filched funds derived from federal felonies are akin to a fencing operation. They mock the rule of law and the democratic process.

At present, more than 70 Armenian mobsters have been arrested for defrauding Medicaid. One summary of the federal grand jury indictments elaborates:

"In the largest scandal involving a case to defraud the Medicaid and other health care programs such as Medicare, providing health care to senior citizens and elderly, in the amounts totaling $163 million, more than 50 ethnic Armenians living in the United States were arrested on October 13, 2010. The operation was run by more than 400 FBI agents. In addition to the FBI, IRS and local enforcement agencies in California, Georgia, New Mexico, New York and Ohio were involved in the probe. The Justice Department already indicted 73 individuals in New York and four other states. 44 defendants were indicted in New York, along with 10 in California, seven in New Mexico, six in Ohio and six in Georgia." [Link]

The federal-state Medicaid system, inaugurated in 1965, provides health care to low income families. The urgency of Medicaid has grown as the economic downturn has put health insurance beyond the means of an increasing number. The Armenian gangsters committed crimes against the federal government while enjoying the benefits of its democratic dispensation. They placed loyalty to their machinations over loyalty to the United States.

Members of the Congressional Armenian Caucus, including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D- MD.), Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman (D-CA), Howard Berman (D-CA) should be vetting their donor lists to avoid embarrassment.

Bruce Fein is a resident scholar for the Turkish Coalition of America and is co-council for the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund, both of which are nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organizations.