01/16/2006 06:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What's Next for Tom DeLay?

DelayPork--FINAL.jpgDon't kid yourself. Just because he got hammered wth a money laundering indictment; just because he's been momentarily upstaged by the double-whammy guilty pleas of shady accomplice, er, supporter, Jack Abramoff; just because he lost his leadership seat in the wake of the scandal, and may have accidentally redistricted himself out of a job come November -- none of this guarantees that Tom DeLay will fade into the sunset.

Quite the contrary. Even if The ex-Exterminator is frog-marched out of Washington by armed guards, you can bet your Choctaw casino kickback he'll still be in our faces for years to come -- even if it means going the route of former athletes and washed-up stars on the dinner theater circuit.

Click HERE to listen to our prediction of where Tom DeLay will be by Christmas '06.

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