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July 30, 2015

The Power of Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness Practice shutterstock

You'll worry less about day-to-day problems and focus on what is most important. As you become more mindful, you will be a more effective, successful and fulfilled leader. That's worth twenty minutes a day, isn't it?

The Fed Just Inched Closer To Raising Interest Rates

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Indiegogo Sets Sights On ‘Holy Grail’ Of Crowdfunding

Guardian US Votes Unanimously To Unionize

Athena Image

CEO Pays Out $27 Million In Employee Bonuses After Selling Company

Businessfinancedlddigital Life Designconferencedld
Johannes Simon via Getty Images

Federal Homeowner Aid Program Rejects 70 Percent Of Applicants

Athena Image

Legal Weed Market Is Heating Up For Vape Shops

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

10 Most Expensive States To Drive

How To Design Cities With Fewer Traffic Fatalities

Jack Dorsey Still Won't Say If He'll Be Twitter's Permanent CEO

Athena Image
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Warn Of Killer Robots

New York Unveils Major Redesign Plans For LaGuardia Airport

Laguardia Airport Delta

This San Francisco Cafe Is Just Fine With The $15 Minimum Wage

Athena Image
Daniel Marans

China Stocks Take A Nosedive

Athena Image
The Shanghai share index dived more than 8 percent Monday. Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Euro Is In Trouble. But Romania Still Wants In

Athena Image
ODD ANDERSEN via Getty Images

AT&T Acquires DirecTV For $49 Billion

Att Directv

Software And Robots Eat Jobs. Now What?

Athena Image
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Administration Investigates 5 Airlines For Price-Gouging After Amtrak Crash

Athena Image

Anthem To Buy Cigna For $54 Billion

Athena Image
Anthem to buy Cigna for $54.2 billion, creating insurance giant with 53 million US patients. Credit: Associated Press


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The One Piece Of Job Advice You Need To Hear Again And Again

Athena Image
Getty Images/OJO Images RF

Why You Should Tell Your Co-Workers How Much You Make

Salary Transparency
Kriti Kaur/Huffington Post

'Unicorns' May Be Rare, But Here’s What’s Really Unusual In Tech

7 Companies That Don't Want Guns In Their Stores

Iran Deal Clears Way For More Cheap Gas

Athena Image
Host Photo Agency / RIA Novosti

For First Time, Number Of Black Kids In Poverty Overtakes Number of White Kids

Pew Research Black Poverty Rate Children Poverty R
Pew Research Center

New York City Is Turning Smart Garbage Bins Into Free WiFi Hotspots

Bigbelly Smart Trash Bins Smart Garbage Bins

Why Breastfeeding Moms Are Praising Target

Breastfeeding Target
Breastfeeding Mama Talk

IBM Just Made Life A Little Easier For Working Mothers