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October 23, 2014

Paul Krugman Agrees: 'Soak The Rich'

Paul Krugman

Cigarette Company Finally Bans Workers From Smoking At Their Desks

Camel Cigarettes
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Obama's Inversion Crackdown Not Enough To Keep Chiquita In America

Chiquita Bananas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apple Pay Is Reportedly Double-Charging Bank Of America Customers

Apple Pay
Zach Honig, Engadget

U.S. Expands Massive Vehicle Recall Because Air Bags Shouldn't Spray Shrapnel At Drivers

Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

How The Fed Blew Its Most Important Job For Over Three Years

Timothy Geithner
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Americans Are Taking Fewer Vacation Days Than At Any Point In Nearly 4 Decades

Sad Worker
Shutterstock / Kiefer pix

McDonald's Profits Plunge 30 Percent

Big Mac
David Marsden via Getty Images

The State Of Drug Use In America, In 9 Maps

Drug Use Still
Metric Maps

How Chipotle Has Revolutionized The Way We Eat

Next Time Someone Says 'White Privilege Isn't Real,' Show Them This

Social Mobility
Reeves and Sawhill

Jimmy John's Noncompete Agreement Comes Under Congressional Scrutiny

Starbucks Unveiling This Unique New Holiday Drink

Chestnut Praline Latte

Republican Candidate Wants 'Real' Jobs Over A Minimum Wage Hike

Scott Walker

Famed Richest Man In The World Dies

Nelson Bunker Hunt
Central Press via Getty Images

Toys R Us Pulls 'Breaking Bad' Dolls Following Angry Mom's Petition

Walter White Doll
Screenshot/Toys R Us

CVS Takes Anti-Tobacco Stance Even Further

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Lack Of Paid Parental Leave In U.S. Is Embarrassing

Labor Secretary Tom Perez

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All Middle Class Wealth Accumulated After 1940 Is Gone

Saez and Zuckman

CEO Of Major Company Killed In Moscow Plane Collision

Christophe De Margerie

Staples Investigates 'Potential Issue' Involving Credit Card Data

Did Microsoft's CEO Really Never Ask For A Raise Or Promotion?

Satya Nadella
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 5 Worst States For Women

Shutterstock / Manamana

Falling Oil Prices Are Good News For You And The Economy

Gasoline Prices
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images