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May 27, 2016

Are Our Leaders Losing Their Humility?


Donald Trump brags that he used a $1 million inheritance to create $10 billion net worth. CEOs like Valeant's Mike Pearson hype their quarterly results. Whatever happened to humility as a virtue for leaders?

There's A Solution To People Abusing Their Wealth: Super-High Taxes

North America Western Americas West Usa Finance Us Financial Business Invest Conference Tech Lend Investor Summit Technology Lenders Investing Market Lending Investment Exchange
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Real-Life Dream Boss Wants To Pay For Your Wedding

Boxed Ceo Chieh Huang

Ice Cream Parlor Responds Perfectly To Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Nura Takkish

Facebook Board Member Once Wrote That Women Getting The Vote Was Bad For Democracy

Athena Image
Noah Berger/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Can This Organic Food Darling Survive Being Gobbled Up By Big Spam?

Athena Image
Gene J. Puskar/AP

Why Eating Better Starts With Changing Our Work Habits

Athena Image
Credit: Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

More Millennials Living At Home Reflects How America Has Changed

Chip East / Reuters

McDonald's Vows To Protect Fish In The Arctic

America Americasrestaurant Restaurantsfoodfast Fooddiningfranchiseeconomy Economic
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Solved A Problem Corporate America Can’t Seem To Fix

Athena Image
Jim Young / Reuters

Greyhound Doesn't Know If Its Own Bus Drivers Are Too Tired

There's More Pain And Injury In The Meatpacking Business Than We Realize

Athena Image

ExxonMobil Shareholders Are Starting The Climate War The Oil Giant Deserves

Exxon Mobil Shareholders Meeting
Brian Harkin via Getty Images

The Gender Pay Gap Is About More Than Just Money

Gary Cameron / Reuters

In France, It's Now Illegal For Employers To Send Workers Emails During Off-Hours

Athena Image
Hero Images via Getty Images

Why Monsanto Just Rejected A $62 Billion Mega-Merger Offer

Economy Weather Business Crops Grain Harvest Corn

6 Things Detroit's Bankruptcy Can Teach You About Money

Businessfinancehuman Interest
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Obama's Ban On Plastic Microbeads Failed In One Huge Way

Athena Image

Bayer Offers To Buy Monsanto For $62 Billion

Athena Image

Lego Sets Are Becoming Much More Violent

Hli Paphotocall Social Lego General View Gv Figure
Anthony Upton/PA Archive

Monsanto Seems Like It 'Forgot To Sacrifice A Goat To The Gods'

Athena Image
Renessanse via Getty Images

Million-Dollar Homes Are Taking Over These Cities At An Alarming Pace

Million Dollar Homes
Credit: Trulia

Yes, It Actually Does Matter When Famous Women Ask For Equal Pay

Fred Prouser / Reuters

Big Oil Could Have Cut CO2 Emissions In 1970s -- But Did Nothing

Athena Image
Kim Steele via Getty Images


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