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Yvette Kantrow


Bloomberg Businessweek Pulls a Bait and Switch

Yvette Kantrow | Posted July 4, 2012

The story is less about private equity -- big or small -- and more about bringing efficiency to manufacturing, a standard practice in corporate America, particularly after a merger. That's supposed to be good, right?
Sheldon Filger


U.S. Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall as Discouraged Workers 'Disappear'

Sheldon Filger | Posted July 4, 2012

The real meaning of the April jobs number is that the participation of age-eligible Americans in the labor force -- both working and unemployed -- is at a 30 year low. How is that synonymous with an economic recovery?
Dee Evans


Once Again for the Cheap Seats: We're Still Creating Jobs Where We Were Once Losing Jobs!

Dee Evans | Posted July 4, 2012

Isn't it funny how no one in the media is asking why over 600,000 jobs in the public sector (mostly government jobs) have been slashed while the private sector is steadily growing?
Bruce Judson


Let's Risk Destroying the Housing Market and Any Economic Recovery!

Bruce Judson | Posted July 4, 2012

The economic crisis began with the housing crisis, and it will only end when the housing crisis also ends. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that the Obama administration and Congress have never actually understood this connection.
Shawn Lawrence Otto


From the Heartland: Schoolchildren, Climate, and... Mass Murder?

Shawn Lawrence Otto | Posted July 4, 2012

This exposure of families and schoolchildren to the darker aspects of propaganda suggests the Heartland Institute's leadership has sunk to a juvenile bully's level of moral and ethical development.
Women & Co


5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Women & Co | Posted July 4, 2012

Linda Kempkin had a vision to help women entrepreneurs quickly secure a strong Internet presence for their new businesses. We thought it would be helpful to know what lessons she would share with readers who may be thinking about making the leap to entrepreneurship.
Chris Morgan Jones


Money Well Spent: Why Corruption Continues to Pay

Chris Morgan Jones | Posted July 4, 2012

The victims of crimes of corruption are diffuse, invisible, and often vulnerable: every dollar paid in bribes tilts the scales further against the most unfortunate in societies where fairness frequently goes unprized.
Scott Paul


The China Syndrome

Scott Paul | Posted July 4, 2012

Ten years after the United States officially ended its yearly review of China's trade status, no one can credibly argue that China is any freer or more attentive to human rights, nor can they claim the United States is better off economically.
Mark Gongloff


Jamie Dimon Defends America's Least-Loved Minority: Bankers

Mark Gongloff | Posted July 4, 2012

Jamie Dimon would like you all to stop discriminating against banks now. The golden sun-god CEO of America's greatest bank, JPMorgan Chase, has become the last line of defense for the country's least-understood, least-loved minority, Banker-Americans. His defining moment, his "I Have A Dream" speech, if you will (and you...
Richard (RJ) Eskow


Geithner's World, Part 1: Three Years Of Immunity

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted July 4, 2012

Here's a walk down memory lane that's worth taking: Three years ago Tim Geithner was in the position of having to explain why the Federal government wasn't going to nationalize the nation's failing banks. In 2009 many people expected that to be part of the government's bank rescue plan.
Michael Brune


What Are They Trying to Hide?

Michael Brune | Posted July 4, 2012

Odds are that you haven't heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. And even if you've heard of it, I'm willing to bet you don't know what might be in it.
Elana Shever


When the State Takes Stock

Elana Shever | Posted July 4, 2012

The Argentine government has seized control of Spanish oil giant Repsol's stake in what was Argentina's national oil company. The takeover is being celebrated in Argentina and criticized elsewhere as a repudiation of the neoliberal reforms that opened up Argentina's crisis-plagued economy.
Blythe McGarvie


Wealth, Prosperity and Longevity (Part III)

Blythe McGarvie | Posted July 4, 2012

It's never easy prospering in a new city or a new environment. Understanding the value system of foreign culture will increase your effectiveness and put you at ease.
Sandy Abrams


Mompreneurs: Helping Parents Plan For College

Sandy Abrams | Posted July 4, 2012

Jodi Okun was ready to get back to working after raising her kids who had left for college. She strategically thought about what she enjoys doing and then made a plan to build a business based around her passions.
Anna Cuevas


Fannie Mae's Approval of Mortgage Principal Reductions Gets the Silent Treatment

Anna Cuevas | Posted July 4, 2012

Edward DeMarco, Acting Director of the FHFA, indicated that additional analysis would have to be performed to determine the long-term benefits of principal reductions.
Robert Reich


The Stall Has Arrived

Robert Reich | Posted July 4, 2012

The latest jobs report is bad news for millions of Americans, and it's bad news for Obama and the Democrats. No set of policies between now and Election Day are likely to boost the economy.
Anna Cuevas


Foreclosures Spell Financial Demise for Latino Middle Class

Anna Cuevas | Posted July 4, 2012

The crisis faced by Latino homeowners involves more than housing. With the majority of their wealth tied to their homes, foreclosed Latinos lose the equity needed for their future.
Evan Soltas


Forecasting for Failure

Evan Soltas | Posted July 4, 2012

The Congressional Budget Office is forecasting the slowest real recovery in the post-war era, and given trend inflation which does not rise above 2 percent, the slowest nominal recovery in the postwar era.
Jared Bernstein


April Jobs Report, First Impressions (Update)

Jared Bernstein | Posted July 4, 2012

This just in: austerity doesn't work! It doesn't work here, it doesn't work in Europe, it doesn't work for state and local governments. I'm tempted to ask how many data points we need to recognize this crucial economic truth, but I'm afraid data points don't have much to do with it. After last month's disappointing report, I was careful to point out that "one month does not a trend make" and there are some technical reasons -- mostly seasonal adjustments that haven't caught up with unusually warm weather -- to consider as well. Well, two months doesn't quite a trend make either, but it's getting closer.
Sarah Anderson


Wall Street's Speed Demons: A 10-Point Primer

Sarah Anderson | Posted July 4, 2012

Who are "high-frequency traders"? And what sort of games are they playing with our economic future? Here are 10 things you should know.