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Richard (RJ) Eskow

Letter From Charlotte: How Bank of America Silenced a Whole Town

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted May 10, 2012

You don't have to be good at your job to earn seven million dollars in a year. All you need is a few friends in the right places -- places like the Federal Reserve, the Justice Department and the Treasury Department.

As the song says: "If I had a...

Brad Spirrison

How One Venture Capitalist Compares Today's App Economy to the '90s

Brad Spirrison | Posted May 9, 2012

When pre-revenue startups with less than 15 employees, such as Instagram, have 10-figure exits in less than two years, it's reasonable to ponder how today's app economy compares to the dot-comedy of the late '90s.

One of the first people I recently asked was Matt Murphy,...

Christopher Lee Nutter

The 10 Commandments to Perfect PR for Your Business

Christopher Lee Nutter | Posted May 9, 2012

To most business owners and commercial artists, how to launch a successful PR campaign or operation can seem like an impossibly complicated puzzle or a daunting and inscrutable mystery.

But the truth is that stories and segments in the national media come about as a function of an understandable...

Curtis Roosevelt

Fixing Gross Inequality Is Not Socialism

Curtis Roosevelt | Posted May 9, 2012

What if the president proposed something big -- something that really focused on a broader question, such as the fundamental inequality in America? Well, surely, if he did so, he would be labelled a socialist! Not socialist as defined in the academic sense, or as the rest of the world...

Steven Strauss

Big Business Should Stop Ignoring Washington?

Steven Strauss | Posted May 9, 2012

Shown below is an open letter to the authors of a recent Fortune article: "Big Business should stop ignoring Washington." I would welcome your thoughts:

• Do you feel Big Business leaders are ignoring Washington?
• Do you feel Big Business knows best?
• Any thoughts...

Christina Selter

2012 Hyundai Veloster

Christina Selter | Posted May 9, 2012

2012 Hyundai Veloster A Sporty Forty MPGs! With a lot of today's cars, you have to sacrifice a little fuel economy in order to gain real sports car handling. But the 2012 Hyundai Veloster is a pretty slick little package that does a nice job of delivering both,...

Gino Vicci

Critics Weigh in on High-Frequency Trading on Flash Crash Anniversary

Gino Vicci | Posted May 10, 2012

Two years ago in early May, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 1,000 points within just a few minutes before recovering, an event known as the "Flash Crash."

Since then, critics charge, little has been done by regulators or the exchanges to prevent a similar event, which many blame...

John Friedman

Philanthropy Mindset Hampers Sustainability Efforts

John Friedman | Posted May 9, 2012

Are we so busy helping others to build their sustainability (environmental, social and economic) pillars that we're neglecting our own personal ones?

It is no secret -- in fact many take pride in knowing -- that altruistic endeavors traditionally pay less. Those working for not-for-profits accept that part of their...

Kevin O'Brien

The Other Side of Veterans With Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury PTS/TBI

Kevin O'Brien | Posted May 9, 2012

There are thousands of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who are coming home who are diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury or Post Traumatic Stress. You will note I left the word disorder off because like many, I feel this name does not fit, and comes with such a bad stigma...

Jeffrey Rubin

Without Growth, There's Only One Ending to Euro Debt Crisis

Jeffrey Rubin | Posted May 9, 2012

European voters are rejecting further fiscal restraint, showing the door over the weekend to former austerity-imposing politicians in Greece and France. In a similar spirit, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is now calling for a "growth pact" to replace the "fiscal pact" demanded by Angela Merkel's government in Germany....

Debra Stewart

Graduate Schools, Business Need to Work Together More Closely Than Ever Before -- or the U.S. Economy May Be in Trouble

Debra Stewart | Posted May 9, 2012

More Americans are enrolled in graduate school than ever before. But this encouraging trend is tempered by the reality that we aren't prepared as a nation to tap the knowledge and talent of all those who are enrolling.

Economists project that some 2.6 million replacement jobs between 2010...

Wendy N. Powell

The Hot News: Unemployment Dipped to 8.1 Percent But What About the Chilling Effect on the Critically Thinking Unemployed

Wendy N. Powell | Posted May 9, 2012

We are celebrating a dip in unemployment to a three-year low of 8.1 percent, but it doesn't add up. The Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reports this assumption -- yes, an assumption based on a raw data. For those of us who look at the summary,...

Rebecca Shambaugh

Sponsorship Matters

Rebecca Shambaugh | Posted May 9, 2012

Recently I had the honor of doing a global webcast for The Conference Board on the topic of sponsorship. Apparently it was one of the more well attended webcasts for The Conference Board, which tells me that sponsorship is a topic people are keenly interested in.

Before we...

Scheherazade Rehman

Global Tectonic Shifts

Scheherazade Rehman | Posted May 9, 2012

The global financial meltdown, which emanated in the United States in late 2007, has caused global economic, financial, political, and social tectonic shifts. The world has yet to settle down from these shifts. This is without doubt the worst financial crisis in over eight decades. It has not only distressed...

Bernie Bulkin

Policies: Less Is More

Bernie Bulkin | Posted May 9, 2012

Just as individuals accumulate files, companies accumulate policies. In earlier times, if you entered the office of an executive, one bookshelf (it might be the only bookshelf!) in his office would contain eight or 10 big binders filled with company policies. So, in principle, if he wanted to know the...

Laura Gottesdiener

Organizing Against Bank of America in Enemy Territory

Laura Gottesdiener | Posted May 9, 2012

This week, thousands are descending on North Carolina for the Bank of America shareholders' meeting. The protest comes on the heels of the successful Wells Fargo shareholder event in San Francisco, where thousands of protesters shut down the conference, and the U.S. Bank meeting in Minneapolis, where dozens of homeowners...

Gene Marks

Do Business In China? No Thanks!

Gene Marks | Posted May 9, 2012

A powerful government official becomes involved in a murder scandal that threatens the Chinese hierarchy. A blind activist draws light on the country's harsh human rights policies. These are two of the big stories about China that's in the headlines. And they're important. But not as important as

Anna Cuevas

200,000 Homeowners to Receive Principal Reduction Offer From Bank of America

Anna Cuevas | Posted May 9, 2012

As part of a $25 billion settlement agreement between the government and five major banks for fraudulent foreclosures, Bank of America agreed to $11 billion in mortgage principal reductions. In a recent move likely to increase that sum substantially, BofA has announced that it will offer principal reductions...

Curtis Arnold

Best Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fee

Curtis Arnold | Posted May 9, 2012

Back when international credit card transactions traveled along undersea phone lines, banks started charging fees for the convenience of switching francs, pounds or yen over to dollars. Today, with instant Internet authorizations and real-time currency conversion, it hardly seems fair to charge a foreign transaction fee....

Karin Kamp

The Young and the Relentless: Entrepreneurs Under 25

Karin Kamp | Posted May 9, 2012

At a time of high levels of youth joblessness -- the latest U.S. figures show that the unemployment rate for workers under 25 is over 16 percent -- some are betting that the best chance for finding a job, is creating one.

Over the past month, we have...

Mauricio Claver-Carone

Cut Cuba-Syria Ties to Receive Public Funds

Mauricio Claver-Carone | Posted May 9, 2012

With only a single dissenting vote, Florida lawmakers passed and sent HB 959 to Gov. Rick Scott. The legislation, signed into law by the governor last week, prohibits state and local governments from contracting with companies doing business with brutal dictatorships in Cuba and Syria. In 2009, legislators...

Rajan Menon

Europe's Post-Merkozy Gridlock

Rajan Menon | Posted May 9, 2012

There's no sign that Europe's most debt-burdened, no-growth, high-unemployment economies are recovering. The austerity measures that they, above all Greece, accepted in exchange for loans from the EU have brought misery to their citizens, but without producing gains that would have made the pain (cuts in budgets and wages, massive...

Sean X

The Mobile Signature: 'Please excsue typoo's'

Sean X | Posted May 9, 2012

NOTE This is an iPhone email. The iPhone keyboard is, to say the least, persnickety. Since I have neither the thumbs of a newborn, nor the texting prowess of a 13-year-old, please excuse the occasional spelling mistake.

And so reads my iPhone signature line. Why should this offend anyone? And...

Mike Lux

The Only Way to Fix the World Economy

Mike Lux | Posted May 9, 2012

Europe is a mess, and not because voters there are rejecting the austerity policies that are driving the European Union straight into recession. The USA's economy is picking up in some ways, but is still stalled out in others. And looming over everything are all these toxic assets the world's...

Tom Butta

A Building

Tom Butta | Posted May 9, 2012

Name the tallest building in New York City? For the past 10½ years it was the iconic Empire State Building. No more. As of last week, that honor belongs to the new One World Trade Center, now more simply known as...

Judy Farah

Do You Have a Work Spouse? Why They May Be Good, and Maybe Not So Good for You

Judy Farah | Posted May 9, 2012

Her tweet immediately got my attention: "Photo courtesy of my work husband."

Work husband? I tweeted back, "I want one! You don't have to go home and make dinner for them!"

Rachel Belle is the funniest person I know. She was my radio...

Jack Otter

6 Decisions That Will Save You Money

Jack Otter | Posted May 9, 2012

It took me more than a decade of financial reporting to uncover a surprising fact: The vast majority of financial decisions you face in life are very simple. Yes, that sounds nuts given the economic train wreck we are still struggling to clean up. And I'm not suggesting it's easy...

John B. Thompson

Where Is Publishing Headed?: The Future Of Books In 7 Easy Steps

John B. Thompson | Posted May 9, 2012

Today, the publishing business is in turmoil. For 500 years, the methods and practices of book publishing remained largely unchanged, but today the industry finds itself faced with the greatest challenges since Gutenberg.

These challenges are the outcome of two processes. On the one hand, the publishing business has...

Greg Voakes

Alternatives to the MBA in New Emerging Markets

Greg Voakes | Posted June 7, 2012

In today's competitive economic environment, procuring further education to find employment is necessary in many fields, however it is a particularly salient issue in the business world. While many individuals who return to school (either online or through traditional on-campus programs part time) decide to pursue an MBA, there are...

Roger Scruton

Conservatism and Climate

Roger Scruton | Posted May 9, 2012

In How to Think Seriously About the Planet, I argue that environmental degradation has one cause above all others, which is the propensity of human beings to take the benefit, and to leave the costs to someone else, preferably someone far away in space or time, whose protests...

Ben Zweifach

Europe's Tale of Austerity: Don't Try This at Home

Ben Zweifach | Posted May 9, 2012

There's an old Italian saying: Quando dio, ole castigarci ci manda, quello che desideriamo. Or, to somebody who's neither Venetian nor da Vinci: "When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers." At least, that's what I'm told. I know more words in Elvish than in Italian.


Ryan Holmes

How Not to #GetSlizzerd on Twitter: Controlling the Message as Social Media Goes Company-wide

Ryan Holmes | Posted May 9, 2012

At 11:24 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2011, Gloria Huang -- a young social media specialist for the American Red Cross -- dashed off a tweet from what she thought was her personal Twitter account. "Ryan found 2 more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head's Midas Touch beer... When we drink...