Carol Todd

Musical Tribute To My Daughter Amanda Todd Moved Me To Tears

Carol Todd | May 25, 2016 | Canada
The night of the performance is one that will be etched in my mind forever. As Amanda, you always dreamed of being on a big stage surrounded by lights and music. In the performance piece called "My Name is Amanda Todd," that is what happened.
James Di Fiore

If Canada Could Sing, It Would Sound Like Gord Downie

James Di Fiore | May 25, 2016 | Canada Music
Feel good sadness. Nostalgia music. Quintessentially Canadian. That's what the Tragically Hip was to us when we were in high school in the 90s. Gord Downie's voice was omnipresent, whether it was a bush party, a school dance, on the way to a buddy's cottage, or at the cottage having a few beers and sitting on the dock.
Ryan Maloney

Gord Downie Has Given My Life A Soundtrack

Ryan Maloney | May 24, 2016 | Canada Living
I didn't want to think about a Canada without Gord Downie. So when the texts and emails rolled in, I reverted to pragmatism. I thought instead about the band's last tour and how difficult it will be to snag tickets. I told co-workers that The Tragically Hip are magic in concert.
Reggie Ramone

What Should Happen To Prince's Unreleased Music?

Reggie Ramone | May 18, 2016 | Canada Music
What truly sets Prince's estate apart from most deceased musicians is what he left behind: a personal vault of 2000 works of unreleased music. To put it in perspective, there is enough music to release one album every year for the next century. I know what you're thinking: What will happen to all of this music, and will we ever hear it?
Marcia Sirota

Prince: The Tragic Death Of A Strange Genius

Marcia Sirota | May 6, 2016 | Canada Living
In thinking about what it was that made people love him so much, I came to the conclusion that it was because he was completely and utterly himself. He was always authentic to his vision and unafraid to do things exactly his way. He was someone who was truly free.
Meghan Lindsay

The Night I Sang Opera For Justin Bieber

Meghan Lindsay | May 4, 2016 | Canada Living
One moment, I was in Spain, strolling the Passeig de Gracia, eating tapas and sipping red wine. The next, I was singing for Justin Bieber. Perhaps it was jet lag. Perhaps it was the parade of superheroes that casually strolled by me as I donned my Marie Antoinette wig. Either way, it was the most surreal evening of my life.
Stephen Weir

The Heptones' Leroy Sibbles Talks His Return To Toronto

Stephen Weir | April 28, 2016 | Canada Music
Reggae pioneer bass player and singer Leroy Sibbles knows what it means to take that boomerang ride. Born and raised in Jamaica, he moved to Toronto in 1973, married and became a citizen. That was then, now he is back living in Jamaica and visits The Big Smoke whenever he can.
Tasheka Lavann

When You Want To Be Black Without Dealing With Black Issues

Tasheka Lavann | April 28, 2016 | Canada Music
Where are our friends and fans of black music and black people when the partying stops and the subject turns to the reality of being black? When I attend concerts for some of these artists, non-blacks are the ones front and centre, filling more than half of the seats. Switch to a Black Lives Matter march... these folks are nowhere to be found
Marcia Sirota

Beyonce's "Lemonade": Thoughts About Art, Love, Betrayal And Forgiveness

Marcia Sirota | April 26, 2016 | Canada Living
With "Lemonade"... Beyonce did what all true artists do -- she mined her life for her art, exposing her deepest secrets in service of her creativity, while also using her music to say, "This is my life! I dare you to judge!"
Nina Raynars

If You're Offended By Rihanna's Nudity You're Missing The Point

Nina Raynars | April 22, 2016 | Canada Living
Rihanna's bra-less, erotica-thriller fuelled videos are deconstructing social norms that place gender limitations on how women choose to express their sexual liberty, or how they should expand it or simply own it.
Andrea Chrysanthou

Prince Was More Than A Musical Genius To Me

Andrea Chrysanthou | April 21, 2016 | Canada Music
There has been a lot of praise across social media for Prince since the news of his death. Even as I write this, I can't quite come to terms with that phrase. As he would say, "something in the water does not compute."
Tasheka Lavann

Is This The Sign Of A Less Homophobic Jamaica?

Tasheka Lavann | April 20, 2016 | Canada Living
When one thinks of Jamaica, two things immediately come to mind and it's not Bob Marley and Usain Bolt this time around. Rather, it's dancehall music and homophobia -- two things which are one and the same. So it was quite shocking when Jamaicans and residents from other Caribbean islands learned that the son of Mr. Ninja Man, a popular dancehall artist, was gay.
University of Toronto News

This Gifted 24-Year-Old's Music Has Already Reached The White House

University of Toronto News | April 19, 2016 | Canada Music
No one can say for certain how many concert works by Canadian composers have been heard at the White House. We do know the University of Toronto's Matthew Emery was surprised in December to learn -- after the fact -- that he had written one of them.
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

A Birthday, An Album And So Many Reasons To Love Music In Canada

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald | April 27, 2016 | Canada Music
In a cyclical way I feel music discovery now is like it was pre-internet, when people bought singles on 45. The internet and technology have made it easier than ever to record, release, download, stream, share, playlist, shazam, post and blog. There is so much music available -- it is really amazing.
Joshua Ostroff

Anti-Pop Superstar: How Rihanna Became A Legacy Act At 28

Joshua Ostroff | April 15, 2016 | Canada Living
Rihanna was once the world's preeminent pop star. And yes, I use past tense. Despite having her hit "Work" firmly ensconced at number one for the past two months, a stat that ties her with the Beatles as second only to Mariah Carey for most weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Rihanna has recently transcended pop stardom.
Mike Sholars

'Hamilton' Stopped Me From Throwing Away My Shot

Mike Sholars | April 12, 2016 | Canada Living
With today's release of Hamilton: The Revolution, the story of Lin-Manuel Miranda's record-shattering, boundary-breaking and (assumedly) Tony-sweeping musical comes full circle -- from book, to mixtape, to play, to book.
Jeff Rose-Martland

Art Bergmann Returns As The Apostate

Jeff Rose-Martland | April 12, 2016 | Canada Music
Truly great musicians defy categorization. They often defy adjectives as well, which makes them difficult to write about. That is where Art Bergmann lies: between the facts and the superlatives.
Joan Kelley Weisshaar Walker

Juno Contenders The City Harmonic Live What They Sing

Joan Kelley Weisshaar Walker | April 1, 2016 | Canada Music
One of the contenders in this category is Hamilton, Ontario's own band The City Harmonic. The band is composed of four worshipers from four small churches who began by singing hymns and spiritual songs. Since then, The City Harmonic is no stranger to success, having won its first Juno in 2013.
University of Toronto News

'Blowin' Up' Challenges Stereotypes About Hip Hop Culture

University of Toronto News | March 29, 2016 | Canada
They were using their talents and resources to pursue their passions. We often celebrate young people (think Bill Gates for instance) for doing this in other businesses and personal pursuits, but it takes on a very different tone when young black men from stigmatized areas take an unconventional path and invest their energies into it.
Bobby Kimberley

Why Toronto's Community-First Music Model Is Gaining Global Attention

Bobby Kimberley | March 29, 2016 | Canada Music
This is a model that Toronto's exports have seemed to follow for years -- when one artist breaks, so do the communities that have birthed them. While not entirely unique to Toronto, it's certainly a trend that has planted roots there and helped grow Canada's music scene immensely, one [Broken Social] scene at a time.
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