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Cara Parks

Cara Parks

Posted: October 4, 2010 03:38 PM

On Saturday, pork lovers took over New York's Governor's Island for a festival of pig-inspired foods. Bluegrass music played while chefs like Porchetta's Sara Jenkins carved up her signature dish and famed barbecue master John Taylor and Rub restaurant dished out North Carolina-style barbecue with Moravian slaw. Sixpoint Craft Ales kept the crowd happy with seasonal beers like Pumpkin Ale, while Long Island wineries poured tastings of local fruit wines. The weather was beautiful and the crowd was friendly, but the focus was on the bounty of beautiful pork provided by local farms, including Violet Hill Farm, the Piggery and Tamarack Hollow. Which is your favorite pork presentation?

Pig Island
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For the day of October 2, Governor's Island, off the tip of Manhattan, played host to a foodie's paradise of restaurants serving their best take on whole hogs delivered by local farm Violet Hill.
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