Paul Ryan's Playlist

10/05/2010 10:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Paul Ryan is everywhere. Republican Congressman to Wisconsin's first district, the youthful legislator first came to our attention during the health care debate last spring. In March, he challenged the President on the real costs of ObamaCare and criticized Democrats for ignoring the financial consequences of the new law. Today, if we don't see him on MSNBC or find his op-eds in the Washington Post or the New York Times, we know that he is running around Capitol Hill advocating his Roadmap for America. Currently serving his sixth term in Congress, Ryan is ranking member of the House Budget Committee, senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, and a member of the President's Fiscal Commission where he is tackling the deficit. He is concerned about the unsustainable path of our government and believes his Roadmap is the solution. While you might not agree with his plan for our country's fiscal future, you cannot argue that Paul Ryan has made a name for himself in Washington as a person of substance and integrity. He has given hope to Republicans that there is something more to the future of the GOP besides Christine O'Donnell. He has brought fiscal guts to Congress. Needless to say, Paul Ryan is not going away.

So, as we formulate our opinion of the Congressman, what else do we want to know? We want to know what he is listening to on his iPod. Frequently found walking around House buildings plugged in, Ryan is always connected. Occasionally, viewers can even spot the Congressman's earphones popping out of his suit jacket on air. Our first inclination is to assume Paul Ryan is listening to podcasts such as the Economist Podcast for up to date analyses of international news and politics or the NPR Podcast for the latest roll call votes. However, upon further thought, it is possible that Paul Ryan is far too hip for podcasts. Considering the Congressman's home state and political positions, I've taken a shot at recreating Paul Ryan's go-to playlist.

1. Making his name inside the Beltway: A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams, Jr.
2. A shoutout to his home state: Good Things by The BoDeans
3. Regarding the Democrats' control of the House: What Is and What Should Never Be by Led Zeppelin
4. Official view of Obama's spending: Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band
5. Our country's fiscal future: Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad by Grateful Dead
6. Hoping for a sweeping Republican win in November: World is Waiting for the Sunrise by Les Paul
7. Apparently a Facebook favorite: Fuel by Metallica
8. Bringing a pulse to Congress: Beethoven Virus by Banya