01/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Corrupt Politicians of 2008

(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

If we have learned anything this year, it is that corrupt politicians come from all around the country, from both political parties and can be black, white, male or female. That said, here is our top 5 corrupt politicians of 2008

(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

1. Rod Blagojevich: At a time when America was given a new faith in politics and politicians, Blagojevich did a lot to reverse that trend. Blagojevich reinforced the stereotype that all politicians were self interested hypocrites. By publicly trying to trade Obama's vacated Senate seat, for his own personal interest, Blagojevich reminded us of the old politicians of old who would jerk the public and lose their integrity for money and power.

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(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

2. Dick Cheney. He should really be number one but he managed to stay under the radar. Despite his role in the outing of Valerie Plame Scooter Libby fell on his sword for him. Cheney continued to rake in millions from Halliburton due to the war he started. Dick Cheney was indicted on corruption charges this November for his involvement with a prison company, the GEO group. With the Vice President is profiting from incarcerated inmates, its no wonder there are so many black men in jail.

(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

3. Kwame Kilpatrick. Kwame Kilpatrick spent millions of dollars trying to hide his own affairs and indiscretions while his city went to the pits. Kwame Kilpatrick was stupid enough to have an affair with an aide on city issued cellphones and arrogant enough to lie about it. Kilpatrick also fired several of the police officers who were investigating him and became the target of an $150 million lawsuit for allegedly killing a stripper. Eventually Kwame had to step down from office and serve four months in jail.

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(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

4. Elliot Spitzer. While Elliot Spitzer may not be the first politician to take in the services of a hooker, he is probably the biggest hypocrite who did. Spitzer spent his career trying to clean up New York in the name of decency and the law. He then broke the law in a very indecent way.

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(Courtesy of NewsOne for Black America)

5. Sarah Palin. From her original Troopergate scandal, to her billing Alaska for her personal needs and taking $150,000 from the RNC for her own wardrobe, Sarah Palin has improperly benefitted from her own personal power and tried to cover it up the whole way.

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Honorable Mentions

Ted Stevens, Senator from Alaska

Sheila Dixon, Mayor of Baltimore

Norm Coleman, Senator from Minnesota

Sharpe James, Former Mayor of Newark