Top 5 Skip Gates "Yo Mama" Jokes

07/29/2009 11:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One interesting thing about the whole Skip Gates Scandal, is the part in the police report where Gates reportedly told Sergeant Crowley, "I'll speak to your mama outside." Recently, TMZ caught up with Skip Gates and asked him if he had any good "Yo Mama" jokes. Since I'm sure that Gates has way more important things to do than write "Yo Mama" jokes, I have written a few for him.

1. Yo mama's grasp of African American literature is so bad, that she mistook the writings of Langston Hughes to be those of Richard Wright.

2. Yo mama is so dumb, that she thought the Harlem Renaissance was a dance.

3. Yo mama is so stupid, she thought Martha's Vineyard was a place they grow grapes.

4. Yo mama's lineage is so messed up, that when she took a DNA test to find out her genealogy, she found out that someone urinated in her gene pool.

5. Yo mama is so naive, she thinks that because Barack Obama is president, we are living in post-racial America.