09/11/2010 06:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rag & Bone Spring 2011 (PHOTOS, POLL)

*scroll down for photos*

I was so excited! This was to be the first show I ever covered for HuffPo. Big Time! I even got to the show so early that they wouldn't let me in, so I sauntered over to Pastis where I found some other men's editors having a pint "Mad Men"-style. I joined in and casually dropped that I was covering for this venerable site and received a manly pat on the back and a couple of clinks on my pint as congratulations. When it was closer to the time of the show we all walked over to the venue, and walked right up to the bustling door. Everyone gave their name and got their front row ticket. I politely gave my name and waited for the golden ticket.

Door Girl: What's your name again?

Befuddled Moi: C-A-T-O-R Sparks

DG: And who are you covering for?

BM: Huffington Post, I, er, even got an email confirmation from your people.

DG: Well you are not on the list, sorry. NEXT!

Beads of sweat! Humiliation! I cower! I put on my sunglasses to keep cool. GASP.

Finally I hear my name being called out in my haze and one of the PR people is a friend from my gay posse and pulls me in. SHWEEW! And he even gave me a front row seat. Redeemed!

Now that I'm settled I buzz about. Look, it's Richard Haines doing sketches of front row peeps. Hi Richard! Oh there is that fun group of Japanese buyers I always love to see in their nutso outfits. Konnichiwa! Hi Brad from "Rachel Zoe Project"!

The show is a moody affair with lots of navy, beige and gray. There was a big work wear vibe going on with overalls, jumpsuits and duster jackets (yawn! I don't want to spend gobs of cash to look like my mechanic). But I loved the elongated sweaters, cardigans and shirts. The baroque and seemingly French provincial prints were dreamy. The wide legged yet tailored pants were also top drawer, very 1930s Cap d'Antibes. So thumbs up minus the Farmer in the Dell looks.