Bush Insiders Describe How This Administration Starts Wars

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET

I don't normally do this, but you have to read this article. It is the story of Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann, who worked inside the Bush administration and tell an amazing story of arrogance, incompetence and dereliction of duty.

Iran had basically surrendered to us in 2003 -- and we refused their offer of turning in all of their terrorist allies and completely stopping their nuclear program. If we actually cared about ending terrorism or their nuclear ambitions, we would have jumped all over this deal. But that is not what Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld cared about.

The fake WMD threat and charges of terrorism are the same exact ruse they used in Iraq. And unbelievably, the media is going along with it just like they did in the lead up to the Iraq War. My God people, are you ever going to question their underlying premises?

If they cared so much about nuclear proliferation, why didn't they focus all of their efforts against North Koreas as they built six to eight nukes? Why didn't they say a word about Syria as that country apparently brought in material to build a nuclear reactor (if that is the real story of the Israeli boming there)?

Could it be because North Korea and Syria have no oil?

If they actually cared about who is attacking our troops in Iraq wouldn't they have gone after Saudi Arabia, who was funding 90% of the attacks against our troops according to the Iraq Study Group? If they cared about who was attacking our troops in Afghanistan, wouldn't they go after Pakistan which allows a tidalwave of fighters and weapons into Afghanistan every single day?

If they cared about terrorism at all wouldn't they go after Osama bin Laden instead?

I cannot believe the media is going along with this pathetic ruse -- again. Stop pretending it's about nukes and terrorism. That's exactly the same load of crap they fed you in Iraq. Have you learned absolutely nothing?