06/06/2008 02:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's New Job

According to a new CBS News poll, about one quarter of Hillary Clinton's supporters say they will vote for John McCain instead of Barack Obama in the general election. That is a very big number and can do significant damage to the Democratic Party in November.

Hillary Clinton's new job from now until then must be to bring this number down to as close to zero as possible. It was her campaign that drove up this number by emphasizing Obama's negatives, implying sexism against Senator Clinton and sowing division within the Party. It's her job now to get the number down by doing the opposite and bringing the party together.

I have talked to so many of her supporters who always assured me that once the fight was over, Hillary Clinton was going to be a lion in supporting the Democratic nominee and she would bring everybody back into the fold. Well, this is the time. I think she will ultimately be judged by how well she does in bringing these voters back to the Democratic Party and helping the party win in November.

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