06/04/2006 05:51 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rita Cosby vs. Jack Cafferty

The fact that Rita Cosby has a primetime show on a major cable news channel and Jack Cafferty does not is a great indication of what our so-called news stations have become.

Jack Cafferty speaks about all the serious problems the country is facing on a regular basis. So he gets about two and a half minutes a day on CNN (he also has a business show on the weekends, but I'm not really interested in his stock picks). On Thursday night, Rita Cosby was talking about a Clemson student strangled with her own bikini.

A student strangled with her own bikini? The Haditha massacre didn't make the cut that night on this news program, but the bikini killing did. Cosby's show is emotional pornography posing as real news. It's trash with a gloss.

Meanwhile, the next day on CNN, Cafferty takes on every major news story in less than four minutes. Is an hour a day too much to ask for this guy? Watch his latest segment here and see if it wouldn't do a world of good to have him on for longer:

Jack Cafferty on the Important vs. Non-Important Issues of the Day

Now, remember Cosby thought the lead story the night before was the bikini killing. Here's a Young Turks re-enactment of the beginning of her show. Again if you don't like profanity or Rita Cosby impersonations, don't watch this:

Young Turks take on Rita Cosby

For those of you who watched the clip, I know, I know, I'm a bad man. Satellite radio isn't censored, thank God. By the way, all praise is due to Jeffrey Ross.

Now, here's more of pit-bull Cafferty. As you watch these clips, imagine a show where this guy is allowed to speak his mind in more than two minute stretches:

Cafferty on How the Country Might be Slipping into Dictatorship

Cafferty on Bush Comparing Himself to Truman

Cafferty on Voter ID Cards as a Way of Blocking Voting

The president is at 29%. The country is dying for a show that speaks against this administration loudly and clearly. For the love of God, give the man a show. It's not like he spares Democrats when they act like idiots. Doesn't the country deserve to hear from someone who isn't afraid to say the obvious?

It's not like the cable news networks can make the argument that they can't spare the time in primetime because they already have shows covering the major news stories. I know one hour that no one would miss.