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The Wonderfully Absurd Miami Heat Celebration

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Here are my thoughts on the Miami Heat Celebration that everyone is talking about:

First, you can see the absurd dance video here and the equally absurd interview video here.

1. I love it. You can't go wrong with this kind of overhype. Either they are going to win and justify it or they're going to lose and everyone else in the NBA and the world is going to love seeing these overhyped asses as they take their butts back home.

2. What is Chris Bosh doing in this mix? You want to talk about overhype. This is like Magic, Bird and Bob McAdoo all playing together and you keep wondering why they keep going on an on about McAdoo. What's he doing up there?

3. Dwayne Wade now clearly seems to be the #1 guy. He is now the most hyped on this team, partly because it's his team. He's always introduced last, etc. They keep calling it Dwayne's House. Can James play second fiddle? They're happy now, but can they really handle it if their egos clash at some point?

4. What happens if this team goes south? How much will they snipe at each other? And what happens if Wade and LeBron go to war at some point? That will be awesome! And everyone will remember this dance and celebration and think, "what happens now?!!"

5. Dwayne Wade saying it's the greatest trio in basketball history is insanity tripled. They haven't played a single game together yet. Here is one of many examples - Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy. Really, the Bosh brothers are already better than them?

6. As everyone - except them apparently - can tell, they are acting like they already won the championship, no, seven championships. They haven't won a single game yet. This is the most preemptive celebration of all time!

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