Everest Sherpa Still Missing From Avalance

10/26/2010 05:08 pm 17:08:28 | Updated May 25, 2011

Everest Sherpa legend, Chhewang Nima is still missing and feared dead in the Himalayas. On October 23rd, the leading mountaineer was fixing ropes on Mount Baruntse for a British expedition, when an avalanche hit and caused him to fall down the north-east slope of the mountain.

A renowned mountain climber, Nima was well known in climbing circles for reaching the summit of Everest nineteen times.

I spoke with Ang Tscherring last night in Nepal and he shared the grim news with me. He stated that, "With a heavy heart I have to say that yet there is no any news of Chhewang Nima. Yesterday a search team including Nema's brother Ang Nima and some experienced climbers went to the area where the avalanche occurred. They searched the possible areas for 3 hours but couldn't find any clue. So it seems that there is no hope of finding him."

Officials have called off the search yesterday due to weather conditions, which are not unlikely to clear for the next few days. Jiban Ghimire, Nima's employer said, "We don't think the conditions will improve for at least a week. His family believes he is dead."

According to the AP, Nima, age 43, is the father of two daughters and has scaled Everest twice this year alone. A highly experienced and capable climber, Nima would travel to the US each year to climb, teach and guide. He was one climb short of the world record of ascents on Everest, currently set at 20 and held by Nepalese climber Sherpa Apa.