LA County Board an Embarrasment

07/26/2010 11:00 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to boycott Arizona because of SB1070. A law that enforces established federal immigration law and statutes while giving AZ law enforcement officials the authority to question a person's citizenship that cannot produce a state-issued drivers license, state-issued ID card, or a federal identification card of some type. The questions I would ask the supervisors if they really understand the nuances of traveling in a foreign country? Have they ever visited another country except for vacation? The federal immigration law states "This requirement means that you are not only required to have a currently valid Form I-551 at all times, but also that you must carry your currently valid Form I-551 on your person at all times."

The first question I ask people that make all of these wild accusations is if they have read the law. Most say no, and those who claim they have can't remember anywhere in the bill the specific alleged racist language exists. But they know it is there because "they were told what was in the bill"

Believe it or not I have had a number of attorneys say the former to me and I cringe at the thought of them being in the court defending some poor soul, without reading the laws pertinent to their client's case.

The State Department states on its website that "Mexican citizens require a visa to request admission to the U.S. (A USCIS approved petition is not required." HHS states, "Mexican Citizens - Mexican citizens including children must present a passport with a nonimmigrant visa or a laser visa border crossing card." Anyway you cut it if you are here without a visa, and you are a Mexican citizen, you should be detained and deported, even children.

I am Black man in America, and I like millions of other Black Americans and especially men are racially profiled every day. I expect it, given the public persona of Black men historically, with expensive toys and tastes. I have always lived in nice homes in primarily white communities, and driven expensive cars. Whether the city was Pontiac, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Pensacola, FL, Meridian, MS, San Diego, CA, Bel Air, CA, Washington, D.C., or Chicago, IL, I have been racially profiled while driving. Knowing this from numerous traffic stops, which lead to an accounting of the proper paperwork, driving license, car registration, auto insurance, city sticker, and state plate sticker, I keep them in a red envelope in the glove box.

The state law requires a legal citizen to present these documents routinely without regard to race, if you are stopped. A stop by a law enforcement officer for any reason will require the citizen to produce some form of legal documentation. I don't think there is any debate about the details of the situation.

Why, when we discuss illegal immigrants do Americans think it is acceptable for them to disregard our laws? It has been my experience that if you could not produce the requisite identification and supporting documents you were detained. The American people are not well traveled outside of the country. That means roughly only 1 out of 4.5 Americans can even visit Canada, let alone travel to anywhere else in the world.

Most Americans need to read and comprehend all of the information pertaining to the facts of the Arizona law SB1070. Then they should read a few requirements for people in the country legally before they open their big mouths or vote on the falsehoods perpetrated in AZ SB1070 bill.

Peace, Charles

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