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Elderly Women Neutralizes "Urban Terrorist", Justice Served

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When I arrived home last night and turned on the television a shocking story was on the air. It was about an elderly woman who had shot a 12-year-old boy throwing bricks at her house.

As the story unfolded on the screen, and I listened to the people being interviewed, the common words to describe these young men's action was "terrorizing the community." I truly hate to use the term urban terrorist but it is appropriate and accurately describes the actions and behavior of these young men.

Before you continue to read this blog, please take a few minutes to watch and listen to this video.

I experienced several feeling over a short span of time: anger, sadness, and relief. My anger was because these young black men were allowed to wreak havoc over a long period of time in a working-class black community without restraint or consequences. My sadness was about this elderly woman would face the media persecution, and the prosecution by the law-enforcement and judicial system for protecting herself against a threat to her life. Relief, that she was not charged with a crime, and the boys charged with numerous crimes.

Unfortunately, in America, we have a double standard about the value of Black and White lives. There are numerous situations where Blacks are forced to endure horrendous conditions at the hands of criminals and malcontents in the community. This is largely because Black Pastors and community types complain about police brutality against criminals. I find their actions totally irresponsible and ludicrous in protesting criminals being mistreated by police. That makes it hard to protest for law-abiding citizens with legitimate police abuse complaints. When Black citizens defend themselves, they are charged with crimes as if the agencies responsible for protecting the community reacted in a responsible manner in the first place, i.e. like they would in a white community.

The irony is, if the elderly woman living by herself had not had a handgun to protect herself she would have been at the mercy of these terrorists. Under the Chicago gun ordinance citizens are still banned from owning handguns. That is in direct opposition to the US Supreme Court's ruling in the McDonald case last June to overturn the ban. I have stated numerous times in commentary about gun ownership in the city of Chicago, that law-abiding citizens should be allowed to bear arms in their homes, and carry concealed weapons. The new mayor will have to support repealing the gun ban to get elected.

This morning, I reached out to the number of people to address the arrest of the elderly woman, and to press charges to be dropped against her. The latest information on this story is that no charges were filed against the woman and aggravated assault charges were filed against the young man. Finally justice is served for law-abiding citizens of Chicago.

The black community has lost its moral and intellectual compass. What do I mean by that? The sense of right and wrong. Since 1968, black leaders and community activists would have the black community to believe that the behavior of the criminals in our neighborhood whether there urban terrorists, gang bangers, drug dealers, welfare mothers, generational welfare mothers, or poverty pimping community activists, is a result of the white man's racism. The concept of moral and personal responsibility has been totally ignored by these message bearers.

It's a new day in the black community, and the people have had enough. They have had enough of our criminal elements perpetrating crimes against people in the community. They've had enough of community activists and black leaders cowardly attacking black people who speak out against their victimization claims. They've had enough of the Democratic Party and their empty promises, and hollow attempts of support through patronizing rhetoric.

I want to thank the City of Chicago prosecutors and the Chicago Police Department for not filing charges against the elderly woman, in filing charges against the young urban terrorist. Hopefully, many other citizens be allowed to protect themselves and their property without the specter of nonsensical "voodoo intellect" about right and wrong, just and unjust, legal and illegal in relation to Black criminals.