GLBT Soldiers and Prospective Recruits, Wise Up, Get Some Self Respect and Get Out

10/21/2010 09:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The entire controversy surrounding Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the unconstitutional policy that the Obama administration has repeatedly denounced while defending it, getting it reinstated, resurrecting it from the dead and making the Pentagon go schizophrenic over (comply/not comply/comply/not comply) it, well it's time for it to end.

So, tomorrow, every GLBT soldier should come out. Period. End of story. As an act of civil disobedience. Yes, let them start 19,000 or more court marshals. And then all 19,000 are released, all of them should get with the GLBT men and women that wish to serve the United States openly and form a gay Blackwater, a gay Xe, a private contracting firm supplying the military with the support they now pay billions of dollars to receive. The government can't discriminate against your firm, your private contracting company, because of your gayness.

Then start doing the same jobs, but for 50x or more the salary, collect the perks of being a big contracting firm in America and stop trying to be a part of an organization and a government that so clearly either demands you lie or it violates your civil rights.

We're not victims of DADT, bullying, anything unless we choose to be. Stop it. Come out for God's sake, you're American's. Stop lying to serve. And if they throw you out, band together and serve your country for profit this time.

The government is color blind, gender blind, nation blind when it comes to who it employs as contractors and what they can do and get paid for, so since it's obvious we can't beat them, join them. Fight right beside nongay soldiers, and get serous bank for it; all the while using the training Uncle Sam gave you for some real financial advantage.

Tell. Tomorrow. Let the 20,000 or more courtmashalls begin from a cash strapped military stretched thin in two wars and a government behind it in meltdown. Let America watch as you all come forward, and then as you are all thrown out.

Americans will get mad. You'll get discharged. And then, if you're smart, you'll get paid.