08/01/2010 10:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joan Armatrading Continues 'Charming Life'

Singer/Songwriter Comes to Long Beach Terrace Theater Aug. 7

"Is she the one that sounds like Tracy Chapman?"

That's a question often posed when explaining the musical wonderment of Joan Armatrading. Since the release of 1972's Whatever For Us, the European-based singer-songwriter has consistently satisfied lifelong fans and created new ones. Her success abroad is undeniable; America has welcomed her throughout the years, but never with the commercial success it has awarded some female singer-songwriters cut from the same cloth.

Armatrading is touring and doing interviews in support of her 20th album, This Charming Life, and in her own words, "This would be a great album for America, if they would just give it a listen."

This Charming Life is a return to Armatrading's rock and pop roots. She played every instrument on Charming, as well as on her previous two albums -- an undertaking not foreign to her, but one she doesn't repeat live.

"It hasn't changed much, really," she commented. "When I do my demos, and back in the '70s and '80s, I was writing, playing, doing my arrangements. It's not that different, except I'm doing it on records now and not demos."

Armatrading, who said she "should expect to be 60 this December," is reflecting a little more on Charming.

"I've written songs called 'I'm Lucky,' 'Blessed,' and I've written This Charming Life. They're all songs saying 'thank you very much' for the life I've been given, I've really enjoyed it, I've really appreciate it, and I want to say it someplace outside of my head," she explained. "I actually think a lot of people have a charming life if they would just step back and take a look at it."

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