10/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin and McCain's Contempt for Justice

Am I the only person left in America that thought that answering things like subpoenas wasn't optional? And not just in small claims cases or civil cases, but State investigations?

And is it just me, or is it safe to assume that if any of us were in contempt of Congress, the Congress, of the United States of America, in contempt for refusing to testify...there it is again...refusing to testify, this time before Congress. Again, am the last dote in America, because, I didn't realize when called to testify before Congress in a matter like the investigation of politically motivated firings in the Justice Department one could, well, just say "no." Is THAT what Nancy meant?

I'm not making this up for literate sake, up until recently I had no idea one could stay out of jail and do such things. I have seen people go to jail for speeding, for having less than half an ounce of pot, for any number of smaller offenses. So one would think denying Congress needed testimony, being held in contempt of that body, as Karl Rove is, would keep you off the Sunday shows and in a courtroom or jail cell. Nope.

And as for Mr. And Mrs. Palin, how on Earth can it be that both she and her husband can simply refuse to cooperate and the McCain campaign has suddenly become their legal spokesperson? Sarah Palin is a Governor and is not above the law. She is not covered by Executive Privilege of any kind and has not occupied the White House in any fashion (and won't if we're lucky). As for her husband, he has zero ground on which to stand as far as I can see it because as the campaign says, he's just like the rest of us.

In fact, John McCain and Sarah Palin have gone out of their way to say that they are just like the rest of us, the hockey moms, the people yearning for change. Well, if that's the case, then why aren't their butts in court or jail, the same for Karl Rove? Because the rest of us sure would be, and on that I think we can all agree.

In the Palins' "Troopergate" case, the McCain campaign wants America to believe that the investigation of actions taken before Mrs. Palin was nominated to anything, an investigation already brewing, was or is somehow being spearheaded by the Obama campaign.
Yet another delusion on McCain's part; someone should adjust his drip: this lying is getting out of control and the spin is so thick he can no longer tell reality from fiction.

And now politics is getting to the State employees as well, and they're deciding to say no to the subpoenas. According to the State Attorney General, not some hack on the corner with a sign, but the State Attorney General of Alaska, Talis Colberg state employees will not comply with subpoenas because the governor has "declined to participate" in the inquiry and it puts them in the position of "having to chose where their loyalties lie..." according to September 18, 2008.

Their loyalties? State employees? Um, check me here, but aren't their loyalties to the people of the State of Alaska, its Constitution and the Constitution of the United States? Hell, how about just a loyalty to Superman and Truth, Justice and the America Way? Can we at least agree on comic book morality?

An investigation in Alaska has revealed that first dude Todd Palin, has been copied on emails on issues from public criticism of his wife to meetings with corporate leaders. But he won't testify and clear up what or why or how or who. Won't testify?

Of course this makes them all look guilty as sin even if they're not. But let's go beyond that for just a moment. Let's take it to John McCain and forget the Palin Troopergate. Let's ask Mr. McCain how denying investigations, refusing to let Palin or her husband testify, lying about Obama being behind the state judicial action and the general aire of being above the law resonates with those people seeking real change in Washington. Isn't this business as usual?

The proof? Two words: Karl Rove. Rove, who has been held in contempt of Congress, who has refused to testify about what he knew and when he knew it in reference to what -- people getting fired (sound familiar) -- for why?-- political and personal reasons not founded in logic or law (as in vendettas) -- it's a mirror image case.

The Bush administration has behaved this way from the beginning. Don't like someone, have their character assassinated, out their wife as a spy, have them fired and the cover it all up so no one is ever accountable. If anyone asks, lie. Like saying you'll fire anyone involved in a crime, or saying you'll cooperate with an investigation and then not firing anyone, pardoning someone and letting others walk free while you offer zero cooperation.

Yes, Bush has done it, his neo-con friends have done it and now it looks like this is another policy the McCain-Palin administration is not only fond of but is already practicing full force in readiness for the massive cover-ups and crimes they'll continue to allow in Washington; crimes against the people they pledge to serve. And if anyone asks, the answer is No! You can't look and if you do we aren't saying a word.

The Palin Doctrine is the Cheney Doctrine which is the real Bush Doctrine which is Rove Doctrine and the...and infinitum or naseum, depending. It is one of zero accountability for self, for holding everyone else to a standard of scrutiny and discipline that you yourself do not adhere nor abide by or to. It is for lying about cooperation and then excusing yourself out of it.

It is for more of the same.

John McCain made a poor choice in Sarah Palin. But he's made a worse choice in allowing any hint of scandal to not be fully investigated by the powers that be in Alaska, regardless of their political affiliation. Are we to believe only Republican lawmakers, Republican judges, Republican state employees can be trusted to investigate things? Are Democrats, Independents and any other party affiliates not allowed to hold positions of judicial oversight or review or any law enforcement, and if they do, can they never prosecute, punish or try anyone that may be Republican or Neo-Con?

Say it with me, Poppycock.

I started this column by saying how I didn't know one could simply snub the nose at the law and refuse this or that. That's not true, I think we've all always known this with power and privilege have always had a free reign at justice. McCain accuses Obama of being a celebrity, part of the Hollywood Elite. Well, if you ask me, these courtroom antics of these people smack of OJ Simpson trying to get out of a jam. Or any other celebrity that gets caught doing something criminal. Get big attorneys or lawmakers to back you, call foul about race or gender or political party affiliation and make sure, no matter what, that the matter keeps getting postponed until the public moves on.

The only thing these two are going to change is how blatantly the neo-cons now flaunt their lawlessness in the faces of the American people.

If McCain and Palin really want change, start by answering some touch questions in front of a judge. Come out of that unindicted and unscathed, and start studying for the next hurdle, the debates.

Or will they refuse to participate in those too because Obama may be behind some of the questions?