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December 3, 2016

Soda Is About To Get Pricier For Another 5 Million Americans

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Stop Telling Me To Keep Fighting. Today Is About Rage.

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Tammy Duckworth Takes Back Obama's Illinois Senate Seat For Democrats


Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Clash After Man Fatally Shot By Chicago Police


Illinois Conservative Group Denies Sitting On People's Ballot Applications

Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

Many People Already See Prisoners As Monsters. Do 'Haunted Prisons' Make It Worse?


We Don't Know Yet If Soda Taxes Will Make Us Healthier

Credit: Scott McIntyre/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mark Kirk Won't Say Who Has His Vote For President


Why Police Reform Needs To Be An Inside Job

Paul Beaty/AP

Bill Murray Crashes White House Press Room To Talk Chicago Cubs

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

U.S. Cities Aren't Ready To Fend Off The Next Flint

Rebecca Cook / Reuters

A Sustainable Food System Could Be A Trillion-Dollar Global Windfall

Credit: Larry French/AP Images for DuPont

Trump Apparently Unaware Chicago's Gun Problems Stem From Indiana


Why A President Trump Would Be A 'Massive Disaster' For U.S. Water

Credit: Evan Vucci/AP

Most Farmers Still Doubt They Have Anything To Do With Climate Change

Credit: Chuck Burton/AP

Government Food Programs Can Actually Help Poor Families Eat Healthier

Whitney Hayward/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Utilities Are Weirdly Noncommittal About The Dangers Of Lead In Water

Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

Another Dreamer Sues In Federal Court To Help Millions Get Expanded Immigration Relief

Jose Lopez/National Immigration Law Center


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