Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Peroxide

07/03/2012 04:23 pm ET | Updated Oct 01, 2012

Hydrogen peroxide is a staple in the first aid kit. Did you know that this household antiseptic can be used to help out on a bunch of different projects? Here are some of my favorite uses for hydrogen peroxide.


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Stain Remover
Grim, but true: I seem to always wind up with a tiny blood stain on my shirt collar after shaving. (That's a problem from trying to shave too quickly in the morning, I guess.) Anyway, you can use hydrogen peroxide to pre-treat a blood stained garment before laundering. The peroxide helps prevent the stain from setting.

Cutting Board Cleaner
Keep a bottle handy in the kitchen. You can use it to wipe down your cutting boards when you are preparing dinner. This is a quick and handy way to disinfect your cooking surfaces from bacteria in meat and dairy products.

Natural Highlights
If you want to subtly lighten your hair, mix a solution of half a cup of peroxide and half a cup of water. Then, brushing into wet hair and let dry.

Bleach Alternative
You know all those "oxygen" cleaners? They work to keep you laundry light and bright by adding hydrogen peroxide to your detergent. You can get the same effect, no special product needed, by adding 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide to a full laundry load. Your white linens will be noticeably brighter.

Is there someone in your office who keeps coughing or sneezing on a shared telephone or computer? Lovely. To sanitize these shared items, simply wipe down with hydrogen peroxide. It sanitizes the item, but doesn't leave a noticeable odor, like many industrial cleaners. This is great for people who work in retail or lobby settings.

What are your favorite uses for peroxide? Share them in the comments!

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