10/11/2013 01:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 10, 2013

Add New Facets to Your Personality With Perfumes

Once symbols of luxury and high-life, perfumes have now become indispensable fashion accessories for both men and women. The increasing number of fragrances makes choosing only a few ones very difficult. In this context, we end up with large collections of scents that depict our personality. Each of them is meant to express a specific side of you that should only be visible in a certain environment. Obviously, there are plenty of perfumes characterized by an incredible versatility, but sometimes it's better to focus on the ones that do a single thing.

Adapting a perfume to a particular occasion might seem like a difficult science, but in fact it is far from that. A few things to consider are the place, the clothing and the company. Depending on whether it takes place indoors or outdoors we might have to choose between different fragrances with variable projection. The longevity of the perfume should exceed the one of the event you are attending, but as far as the projection is concerned, things vary a lot. Regarding the dress-code, you will discover in time that certain scents are rather appropriate for formal events, while others are more adequate for casual meetings. The perfume you wear at work will also leave an impression on your coworkers, so in this particular setting it is probably better to look for safer options.

Not at last, the company we are in might influence our choice. We wear the perfumes for ourselves and need to make sure that we like them first, and then the others. Still, an intriguing scent is bound to make a good impression. Correlating these three factors when choosing what perfume to wear is essential.

When having to choose a perfume others should recognize us by, we are faced with yet another difficult choice. Niche or designer? Both categories feature some fragrances that are more common and others that are rather obscure. If we want people to associate the scent trail we leave behind with our faces, then we need to look for less popular perfumes. It might seem that the search is over once we find a perfume that matches all these criteria, but it certainly is not. Our taste changes in time, and the new trends push us to making new decisions. Just like a diamond's many facets, our personality becomes more and more complex as time goes by, and our scent is a defining factor of this complexity.

As this blog continues, you will find many recommendations based on different situations, seasons and trends. Stay tuned!