Christine O'Donnell Is Right About Pearl Harbor

12/08/2010 01:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Today marks a lot of tragedy... Tragedy comes in threes. Pearl Harbor, Elizabeth Edwards' passing and Barack Obama's announcement of extending the tax cuts, which is good, but also extending the unemployment benefits."
-- Christine O'Donnell

"There's more to being smart than noticing how some shit is like some other shit." - Chris Case

Christine O'Donnell isn't very bright, even by Tea Party standards, but she has a point about Obama, taxes and Pearl Harbor. It was pretty ballsy for the president to agree to cut taxes on the super rich, during wartime, on the anniversary of our entry into World War II.

Our economy is a shambles, but at least our irony is cheap.

It was also pretty ballsy of the Republicans to threaten to shut down the government to get those tax cuts, during wartime. In 1942, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the American government raised the tax rate on income in excess of $200,000 to 82 percent. This was a compromise. Roosevelt's first offer was to take it all.

You see, America was at war.

There's probably a word for the kind of person who wants his countrymen to kill and die for him, but won't even pay peacetime rates for it, but that word isn't "patriot."

It's not "traitor," but you can see traitor from here.

I guess I can believe that Christine O'Donnell could lose the thread between loving one's country and wanting to pay for its upkeep. She's a moron. I believe when she drives she makes car sounds. But what's everyone else's excuse?

If you know someone -- maybe even a family member -- who can't make the connection, you don't have to argue with them this holiday. Just show them this Disney cartoon:

It has a talking duck in it. It might even be simple enough for a Tea Partier to understand.

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