09/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Young Dems Bus-Tour Program Outlined At Convention Kick-Off Rager

The Young Democrats of America convention kick-off party guests included Matt Singer of the Bus Project. The Bus Project (a.k.a. BusFed) is a grassroots political operation that spans five Midwestern states. BusFed aims to mobilize young voters through canvassing efforts in swing districts, combining party-bus craziness and debate-club earnestness to drop masses of energetic young volunteers into targeted districts. (Unfortunately, only one of the BusFed fleet is an old-school yellow school bus….) NYT best-selling author Singer spoke to us over the high-decibel revelers on the best tactics for engaging new voters and why this is really is the year the youth vote will make a difference.

SINGER: Young people already proved in the primaries that this is the year of the young voter, but it goes beyond that. Young people aren't just voting, they're changing the world... they're starting organizations... getting their peers involved; they're organizing... they're really laying the groundwork for what will be fundamental change...

Video by Chris Nelson. Editing and interview by Torey Van Oot. This post appeared originally in a slightly different form at PopandPolitics