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Ignorant Army Chief of Chaplains Proclaimed Day of Fasting for First Day of Passover

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Maj. Gen. Douglas Carver, the Army's Chief of Chaplains, has managed to piss off quite a few Jewish soldiers, as well as many other Jewish Americans. In a grand display of his disregard and ignorance of faiths other than his own, Carver, a Southern Baptist, issued a proclamation declaring April 8 a day of prayer and fasting for the U.S. Army. The problem with declaring this day of FASTING, besides the fact that Carver has no authority to issue such a proclamation? Carver chose April 8, the first day of Passover, the observance of which includes a whole lot of EATING!

Read the full story from the Associated Baptist Press, Top Army chaplain raises Jewish ire with call for fasting during Passover.