09/29/2010 06:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bonkers Tweets From Stan Solomon Continue

Indiana 7th District Congressional candidate Marvin Scott (R) is trying to distance himself from a former campaign manager who resigned after a series of anti-gay and anti-Muslim tweets. Scott is a Tea Party backed candidate looking to unseat Rep. Andre Carson, who converted to Islam.

Scott's volunteer campaign manager, Stan Solomon, resigned after the series of tweets drew an outcry from local gay rights activists. Solomon's tweets included slurs such as "filthy queer," along with other statements, including "Gay stands for Got AIDS Yet," "Islam is the enemy you fools," "Queer Judge judges Catholicism" and "Time to hurt these anti war sickos."

Bil Browning at The Bilerico Project reported the offenses. Candidate Marvin Scott says he didn't know about the offensive tweets. According to the Indianapolis Star, Scott accepted Solomon's resignation on Sept. 14th, and offered up a half-hearted apology.

"I did not know he was such a gay basher," Scott said about Solomon. "I want to represent everyone. If I had known what he was doing, I would have fired him long ago."

Scott also objects to gay rights and has said that Islam "advocates the eventual elimination of all Christians and Jews."

Scott told the media Solomon worked on the campaign as a non-paid volunteer. Scott complained that without any funding from the Republican Party, he has not been able to hire "professionals" to run his campaign for the seat serving Indiana's 7th Congressional District. Scott has since brought in former Mike Pence staffer, Jerry Alexander.

Solomon may have stepped down from the Scott campaign, but that hasn't stopped him from posting more controversial messages on Twitter. Just yesterday, Solomon posted the following...

"Muslim attempt to criminalize Christianity fails Islam's evil in every way #teaparty #tcot #ucot #ocra #sgp" and "Transgender denied king title Rules r rules except 4 homosexuals #teaparty #tcot #ucot #ocra #sgp"

Vote on the most ridiculous tweets below:

Which Stanley Solomon Tweet Is The Worst?
Which Stanley Solomon Tweet Is The Worst?