10/31/2013 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2013

'Who Says'

Since I was a little girl I don't recall ever being the "fashionable" one that all the other little girls would go home trying to emulate. I was the one with the short hair & sneakers running around playing. Pigtails stopped by age 5 and there were no frilly bows just barrettes. By 7th grade I was becoming more aware of my outer presence probably because at the ripe age of 11 boys weren't interested in who I was but rather what I looked like.

Not being the "fashionable" one or the "rich" one I had to be creative. Back in the day Mom and Dad were not dishing out $80 for Guess overalls for school shopping no matter how much I cried and cried (but I did get them for my birthday in March). So began my drive to be able to look great! I babysat after school to make money for clothes and made it through high school alive with the glorious help of a few friends' closets.

As time passed and clothes became more expensive and bills became a reality, I was embarking on career interviews, dating and clubbing. I quickly found out the truths behind the quote "I like my money where I can see it -- in my closet" The truth being if all my money is in my closet then I have no money for gas to get to work to buy my clothes or if I used credit cards it was never my money to begin with.

Ahhhh the allure of rose colored glasses is so beautiful! Heading into my thirties I threw the rose colored glasses out the window and vowed to live my life the way I wanted, to wear what I wanted to wear, say what I wanted to say & think what I wanted to think. I may have never been the fashionable or rich one but I was however, always resourceful & confident. Now heading towards forty I have unveiled a secret or rather truth about fashion that I had tucked away into my little black box. This is where I keep my A-ha moments in life.

Fads come and go; trends shift up and then fall down. It is fashionable to be Green; it is fashionable to be late. The only thing that is certain in the fashion world is confidence. Fashion and being fashionable is not about what label you are wearing or how much money something cost. Being fashionable is a sense of being! It is a confidence, an aura, a glow, that attracts people to you. What you are wearing is merely an accessory to your inner being. I believe it is Fashionable to Believe In Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful! Have you ever been to a party and seen two people wearing the same thing. It is the person that walks tall, who dances and smiles that gives life to the clothes they are wearing. That is only possible by building your inner spirit to shine. If we sparkle than our accessories & apparel will as well.

Fashion is a belief, a way of life. We give life to clothing; clothing does not give life to us. When we exude confidence we are a blank canvas every day. We can experiment with style; we can create trends breathing fresh energy into the industry. Be Bold, Be Daring, Be Different! Get Noticed!

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