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Christie Garton

Christie Garton

Posted: December 17, 2010 04:32 PM

Top 10 College Scandals of 2010

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Kara Apel is the former editor-in-chief of "The Daily Gamecock" (the student paper for the University of South Carolina) and a blogger and writer.

After a year of major bombshells and multiple criminal allegations, high school students who are currently going through the college admissions process might want to add a few new items to their pros/cons list. Throughout 2010, a number of colleges have tackled scandals dealing with everything from a highly publicized sex list to a suicide that set off a nationwide advocacy campaign to support gays and lesbians and decrease bullying in schools.

Despite all of the media attention, will this impact students' decisions to attend these universities? Only time will tell.

10. Columbia University Professor Admits to Incest
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A political science professor from Columbia University was thrust into the limelight earlier this month after he was arraigned on incest charges. David Epstein, 46, was involved in a 3-year relationship with his adult daughter. While Epstein insists the relationship was consensual, this incident has only added to Columbia's recent criminal woes (See #3).
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