Clinton's Filly Eight Belles #2 in Derby, Euthanized Moments Later

05/25/2011 12:30 pm ET

Sen. Hillary Clinton told local press this week she liked Eight Belles to win the Kentucky Derby tonight. Big Brown was the winner, but Eight Belles, the filly, came in second.

But any happiness from the filly's stunning come-from-behind rally was short lived - she broke both her front legs as a result of the race and had to be put down.

The horse came from way behind the pack but collapsed after taking second place. ESPN commentators immediately asked what had happened.

"There was no possible way to save her," a vet spokesman said on ESPN just now.

Chelsea Clinton is attending the Derby as a campaign surrogate for her mom, since Kentucky votes in the Democratic primary May 20 and many in the Indiana media market are following the race. Campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe also is there.

Christina Bellantoni is a, national political reporter, for The Washington Times