10/02/2013 01:30 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2013

When We Are Letting a Little Loose

You probably know the feeling of standing in the bathroom after a drink or two. As you wash your hands looking at your reflection in the mirror you think: "Not bad at all."

The flaws you normally stress over suddenly become unimportant. Your behind seems to sit a little higher, your smile is contagious and you wonder why you sometimes sweat the small stuff.

Back at the table the conversation is uplifting, the food delicious and you almost get cramps because of the many belly laughs. Even the day after you are bubbling with fun and lightness while you go over the evening in your head.

It's not a good thing when we turn into a completely different person after a few drinks. Our essence should shine through in our everyday lives. Yet it can be very healing to let a little loose, especially for those of us with perfectionistic or controlling tendencies.

And it's really not about how we let loose. There are so many different ways. The point is to stop the constant criticism and the destructive smack downs we give ourselves.

Nurturing the vibrations we want to activate and have more of. I'm not talking about drinking our problems away, but to raise our vibration and look at life with mild eyes. When we focus on criticism we get a lot more to criticize and manage.

We need to let go of the thought that we can struggle our way to ease, fun and pleasure. That will never happen. Tough grinds will just create exhaustion and more reasons to work hard while ease comes from taking things easy.

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